Yet more troubles for Terraces |

Yet more troubles for Terraces

Greg MassPost Independent Staff

GLENWOOD SPRINGS Newly discovered problems at the Riverview Terraces prompted construction professionals to make emergency repairs to several of the buildings roof trusses. According to a letter sent Thursday to Terraces owners and residents, engineers from Patillo and Associates in Glenwood Springs discovered construction defects related to the roof trusses in most of buildings 1 through 6. The defects were determined to be serious enough to warrant immediate emergency repairs.The letter was penned by Greg Hall of Glenwood Springs law firm Noone & Hall, which represents the Terraces Condominiums Association.Given the fact that we are now on the brink of winter, there is concern that snowfall accumulations on the roofs of the Terraces may result in a safety risk to the occupants and their guests as a result of truss failure, Hall wrote. On Friday, work was under way in Building 3 by crews with Breckenridge-based Reconstruction Experts. By peering into the attic, it was apparent on Friday that some roof trusses were cracked. New temporary bracing timbers were being nailed into those trusses. According to Halls letter, another part of the solution includes removing attic insulation in some of the buildings to release heat from the units below to boost the rate of snowmelt on the roofs.While this could be an expensive alternative for the residents paying for the heat, according to the letter it could increase the temperature of the roofs and decrease the likelihood of snow accumulations and loading on the building roofs.Patillo said this is a temporary solution, adding that the insulation will be put back once the bracing is completed. Its safe to say that everyone has been pleased with the remedial work that has been done, Hall said on Friday. In the letter, Hall asked residents of the affected buildings to remain calm, while at the same time being prepared for temporary or permanent evacuation of some or all of the units.We hope sufficient repairs can be completed without such drastic measures, but foresight and planning are our allies, the letter added. It is unclear whether the truss problem is related to sinking foundations at Terraces.The foundations were first reported to be sinking into the hillside in August 2002. Since the initial report, geological studies of the buildings have determined that there is sinkage occurring to the lower tier of buildings No. 1 though 6.As a result, residents of the condo complex have been under the constant threat of evacuation by the city.Contact Greg Mass:945-8515, ext.

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