You are what you eat |

You are what you eat

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Special to the Post IndependentMore workout fun at Family Fitness during Week 7 of the Greatest Loser Contest.

You are what you eat, quite literally in fact. We all know that we should eat healthier, but making wise decisions regarding nutrition can be a constant challenge.

The following article should help you find ways to eat healthy. This week we will interview NCFF Personal Trainer, Alison Gromme, and get some great information about healthy nutrition. Our greatest Loser Contestant Spotlight is on Debbie Rondy from team City Market.

Eat real, actual food that is in its natural state. Real food is more than the sum of its parts.

“Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season. Avoid processed foods because they contain stuff that your body can’t recognize as food like preservatives, artificial flavors, and artificial colors,” says Gromme. “If a food has more than a few ingredients or ingredients that you can’t pronounce, don’t eat it.”

Eat organic and natural foods. Avoid artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils. Eat fermented foods like yogurt, cheese and pickles.

Planning is very important to success. Start by planning a few meals each week. There is an infinite amount of healthy recipes available on line.

“Prepare a shopping list, when you are not hungry, and stick to it,” Alison advises. “Having healthy foods on hand will help you to make a good choice when you are hungry.”

Cook you’re your own food as much as possible.

“Cook large amounts of food at a time so you can have leftovers. Share recipes and meals with friends and family. Cook for each other instead of going out to eat.”

If you fail to plan, you still have choices. Go to the grocery store for lunch instead of fast food. Many grocery stores have great salad bars and a selection of pre-made vegetable and fruit salads. Choose whole fruit, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, lean meats, cheese, etc. Many restaurants have a few healthy choices on the menu.

“Everything in moderation” is a principal we can all benefit from practicing. Enjoy a “cheat” here and there. You have to live, just don’t over do it. If most of your meals are composed of healthy foods, your body can live with some junk once and a while.

Jamie Duran from Team City Market said: “The competition has helped me to see how my eating habits not only affect my body by my whole life.”

The contestants fill out a daily food log so the trainers can actually see what and how much foods they are eating.

“It creates awareness and allows us to estimate how many calories they are eating,” says Gromme.

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