You can learn to be flexible |

You can learn to be flexible

Steve Wells
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Contributed photoGreatest Loser competitors work hard to shed weight during Week 8 of the 12-week contest.

As The Greatest Loser contestants keep sweating off the pounds, muscle tightness and soreness becomes part of the daily routine. Personal trainers at New Castle Family Fitness are instructing them how to combat tight muscles with frequent stretching.

There are many benefits to getting and staying flexible. Flexibility training can help you avoid injury, increase coordination, maintain good posture, and reduce soreness and inflammation just by stretching.

You can even reduce pain in your back, hips and shoulders by staying flexible. Flexibility is the most overlooked aspect of fitness, and it may be the most important. Stretching is not strenuous and takes a minimal amount of time to do. You don’t need any fancy equipment and it makes you feel great.

Here are some ways to improve your flexibility. Educate yourself on some basic stretches.

There are numerous books available on the subject and there is plenty of online instruction on flexibility. Hire a personal trainer to teach you a custom-fit routine. Some personal trainers can even assist you on most stretches.

This is called facilitated stretching. Personal trainers, athletic trainers, and physical therapists are all qualified for this task. It is very helpful to have an expert show you proper form, body alignment and safety while stretching.

Another great way to improve your flexibility is to try a yoga class. Fitness gurus, top athletes and average Joes alike can enjoy the benefits of yoga. Team Lafarge was recently treated to a Yoga-Fit class instructed by Paula Black at NCFF to help the contestants improve flexibility and also get a great workout. Paula, who is the nutrition leader for Team Lafarge remarked, “I have seen great results from the contestants. They have improved their strength, flexibility, endurance and lost a lot of weight in the process.”

Take a class or hire a private instructor to show you a great personal routine that employs the stretches found in yoga.

Not only can you improve your flexibility but you can get a great workout as well.

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