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Your April 1 Letters

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I had to fire off this response to the crazy baloney expressed by Craig Pastrami in his letter of March 17. Where does he get off claiming that Italians invented solar energy and the Danes hold all the patents for wind turbines? What about us Irish people?

Mr. Pastrami gives us absolutely no credit for inventing fiberglass batt insulation. All a person has to do is climb in their attic and look at that nice thick layer of fiberglass insulation, the stuff that keeps them cozy and warm all winter, and they would know this is Ireland’s gift to the world.

We Celts suffered through centuries of cold, damp winters and cold, damp summers until we finally figured out how to spin glass into a fine fiber, just like we had done spinning flax into linen. While the rest of Europe and the colonies were still freezing all winter long, the Irish were cozy in their batt-covered cottages.

The origins of fiberglass have been lost to history, however, because of a giant corporate conspiracy.

What people probably don’t realize is that fiberglass insulation was originally green. The glass for Irish fiberglass was sustainably harvested from sea glass that washed up on our shores. The Irish were the original environmentalists.

But when those early American capitalists of a century ago were back home visiting their Irish grannies, they spied on the fiberglass factories and took that technology across the Atlantic. And just to confuse people and make everyone think it was their idea, they made the American fiberglass pink. Then they flooded the American markets with that prissy pink fiberglass, and wiped out the Irish heritage.

And that’s the story most people don’t know. What they do know is that fiberglass insulation will keep you a lot warmer than a wind turbine or a solar panel ever will. Those things just aren’t flexible enough to fit in the nooks and crannies of your attic or your crawl space.

Flibberty Gibbett

Cardiff-on-the-Roaring Fork

This has gone on long enough. The Glenwood Daily Rag simply runs too many conservative political cartoons.

We are sick and tired of these cartoons badmouthing President O’Bama and making it look like ObamaCare will be one giant failure that will send our entire country down the drain.

Over and over, they make fun of Congress, giving those fat cat bankers a total free pass on wrecking our economy.

That one last Monday was over the top, insinuating that the Democrats are deliberately calling all their cronies who run the gas refineries, getting them to raise gas prices and scare the American public. There’s no logic in that and it wasn’t even funny.

Who picks these things, anyway? Do the editors get a phone call from Rush Limbaugh giving them all the talking points and the “right” cartoons to use?

Where is the paper’s sense of balance? I mean, if you publish a paper seven days a week, why do you have to run a conservative cartoon two of those days? It’s just too much. One per week, that’s our advice. And make it Monday, so we can get it over with.

Reach Durango

Black Brinksmanship

Battleship Galactica

I just want to say, for the 80th time, that public school teachers make too much money for those cushy jobs they have. Keeping 30 kids in line all day long, hammering some education into their little pea brains, and making sure “no child falls through the cracks” would be a piece of cake, if you ask me.

Sign me up and I’ll get those little whipper-snappers in line and making straight A’s in no time at all.

Brunhilda Kissingwitch


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