Your average romantic comedy, but worth a look |

Your average romantic comedy, but worth a look

If Dan doesn’t think having extramarital affairs, falling for a hired escort and confessing secrets minutes before walking down the aisle isn’t dramatic, I’d hate to experience the roller coaster ride of being in a romantic relationship with him.Sure, “The Wedding Date” doesn’t sweep the congregation off its feet. But it provides the expected amount of comedy through quippy one-liners, the requisite amount of “love-conquers-all” messages and enough conflict and resolution to sigh in relief.Dan’s right about the title pointing to rather uninspiring characters with an unimaginative story. It’s “Pretty Woman” in reverse with elements of any boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl with a big, happy Hollywood ending story.Normally, Dan would yell at me for giving away the plot, but in this case, I think he’ll let it slide. In fact, when I told him I gave the movie three stars, he replied, “Are you (expletive) kidding me? Did anything in that movie surprise you? It was like arranging cardboard cutouts around an English manor.”True, but that one cardboard cutout was pretty hot.And since we’re on the topic of star ratings (movies, not the actors), I should explain why I gave “The Wedding Date” three stars out of five. Honestly, the rainbow-and-roses ending launched me out of the theater thinking, “Ah, ain’t love grand.” During the movie, I sat there thinking, “This really isn’t a great movie. What’s the escort’s motivation? What’s so captivating about Kat?” But then the happy ending won me over, tricking me into believing it was a pretty good romantic comedy.So I gave it the average star rating, because, after all, a romantic comedy succeeds if it sends you out into the world affirming love conquers all.Plus, a few of the lines really did make me laugh aloud.In the final analysis, “The Wedding Date” does honor and obey every romantic comedy convention. Unfortunately, most romantic comedies follow the trend of most American marriages: It’s about 50-50 when it comes to lasting quality.

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