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Battlement Mesa homeowners on May 27 were presented an accomplished victory by the gas industry to drill in the “open space” of the Planned Unit Development with the convenient permission and to the huge monetary benefit of the developer, the Battlement Mesa Co., of Aspen.

In 1989 the “open space” was supposed to be transferred to the homeowners association by the developer, but that never happened because the Garfield County commissioners did not enforce the agreement to do so. This writer holds documentary evidence of this unsatisfied agreement.

To mollify the retirees who bought into the original development, the homeowners association will enjoy $1 million in petty cash for “improvements.”

Were there any public meetings by the governing bodies prior the accomplished fact? No, it was clear for the first time that this was a done deal on May 27.

Take it or leave it , you defenseless retirees and veterans.

By the way, did the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission consider the impacts of this precedent on other residential developments around the state?

Larry Soderberg


You may have noticed increased advertising for the Battlement Mesa apartment and trailer rentals.

You make think the inducements to rent are being offered because the gas and field workers are leaving, but another aspect of the problem is that the long-term renters are also leaving. “Live, Work, and Play” in Battlement isn’t what it used to be.

If you think that a large decrease in renters will provide a shelter against rent increases, ask the people who received increases as late as the first of May.

The rates that the management company sets for each unit is not the total cost, there is an additional charge for sewer and water, that ranges from $40 to $60 that is added monthly. You may or may not be told of this charge. You also will not know how this charge is calculated as there is no metering involved, it is done by apartments, so if you are single and have four, five or six neighbors you are subsidizing their payment as you will pay the same as they do.

I was told that meters would be “too expensive,” if you take nearly 400 apartments and increase them by an average of $50 a month, that will give you a quarter of a million and you think they could maybe squeeze out a meter or two.

The sewer and water bill came out of the blue about two years ago, and you were informed by a letter from a Texas firm that told you your monthly charge.

At the same time this charge was levied arbitrarily the rents increased and have increased every lease period since and if you again do the math you will look at a million or so a year. You would think at that rate of profit “Live, Work, and Play” would really be a deal. Stayed tuned more later.

Ron Call


Over the 40 years I’ve lived in Pitkin County, I’ve never written a letter like this. But there comes a time for everything, and I feel this might be it.

Any day now, you will be asked to vote for the board of directors of Holy Cross Electric. One of those running for re-election is board chairman and 30-year member Tom Turnbull of Carbondale.

In today’s world, and in the face of an economy run amuck by people and corporations we thought we could trust, I think the good people of our community are returning to what they can believe in … to the core values they learned as a child: trust, honesty, compassion, understanding, loyalty and the belief in doing the right thing for the betterment of us all.

Like so many of you, I’ve watched and learned from the people who live and work in our valley. Some good, some not so good, all valuable lessons. For nearly 30 years, I’ve watched Tom Turnbull and his Carbondale ranching family. I’ve watched Tom run a ranching operation that has thrived and prospered for 50 years, because of his sweat and his unwavering belief in doing the right thing. Highly educated, Tom is an avid listener to all points of view, understanding that he has an obligation to the customers of Holy Cross, to their families, to their budgets, to their well-being.

He’s a neighbor, and I’m proud to call him a friend. It’s not a term I use loosely. I can tell you that our valley, and our Holy Cross Electric cooperative, is in the best of hands: Tom Turnbull’s. Please vote to keep him on the board, doing what he does so well: the right thing.

And that’s all I have to say on this matter.

Michael Chandler


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