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The phrase, “How dare you,” used by Ms. Curry to deny Mr. Bruce’s rights to freedom of speech is the one I would use to address Gov. Ritter and the Democratic Legislature. The other popular, “What were you thinking?” would also apply.To be brief, the governor and Legislature propose additional taxes on the two most distressed areas of the economy, namely, real estate and the oil industry (including autos and trucks). Freeze tax breaks for real estate owners? Add a tax to the industry that puts gas and oil in your car and home, plus on the license to drive to work so you can pay your taxes? How dare you, and what were you thinking?Now here’s a proposal to raise a good deal of money for highways and education. Put new occupancy, food, transportation and entertainment taxes on the industries providing such services for the months of July and August. This will bring in a windfall and tax mostly out-of-state visitors and leave Colorado residents’ holdings intact. If not, why not?Wow, I’m full of clichés today.Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

It is quite obvious from the photos that the cottonwoods were diseased. That is a problem with cottonwoods, that they die from the inside out with no evidence of a problem until they blow down. The park manager was exercising good judgment, as much as you miss the trees, to cut them down before they blew over onto a residence. I would urge everyone, including the City Council, to ask themselves if they really want the government to tell them when they can cut down trees that are on their private property.Sharon BrennerCarbondale

I am writing this letter in response to Lori Bennett’s letter of April 28.Lori, you should have kept your “vow of silence,” as once again you have offended the residents of Apple Tree.In your last letter, you pretty much called us all “crack heads and drug dealers,” and now you classify us as “poor.” In whose eyes?I looked up “poor” in the dictionary. I, for one, do not believe my family and I are poor. We want for nothing. We have shoes on our feet, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, food to eat, car to drive, good health and many friends. How much more do we need, according to you, to not be classified, in your mind, as poor?I think we have enough. I suggest you either keep your “vow of silence” from now on or choose your words more carefully.By the way, why not come by Apple Tree and visit with some of us? You will find we’re good people.Martha SmithApple Tree not New Castle

Once again, after reading Lori Bennett’s letter to the editor of April 28, I sit here wondering how someone can be so narrow-minded.I understand having a difference of opinion with Ross Talbott, but why must you always attack the people who live in Apple Tree Community? Lori, if we did something to you, I would like to know what it was so that we can have the opportunity to make amends. Lori, if you can find a few minutes in your busy day of stereotyping other human beings, please look up the word “poor” in the dictionary. Are you suggesting that everyone who lives in Apple Tree Community is inferior to you? I, for one, feel sorry for you, and would like to offer you the opportunity to stop by the Apple Tree Office sometime to talk, and maybe I can get an understanding of why you seem to have so much hate for us. Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to open your mind, go away with the understanding that we are good people, and maybe set a goal for yourself to try to be more like us and stop hating other human beings so much. If you would feel more comfortable talking on the phone, please call me at 984-2247 anytime during the week.Henry HendricksonNew Castle

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