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I’ve heard from many in our community that a well-organized volunteer effort could prove to be an excellent way to support future Independence Day celebrations. I’ll work to develop such an organization, or something like it, and make it effective. But as summer will soon be upon us, such an effort will have to focus on 2012 and beyond.

In the past, our tourism economy, coupled with a strong real estate market, allowed us to fund this event and many other community-driven initiatives with tax dollars.

Frankly, little attention was ever paid to July 4th town events as our lodging was often sold out, our restaurants fully booked, and our activity venues filled.

Too often, I found myself focused more on how to best make a dollar with our captive tourist audience, or thinking on simply planning an escape from town to avoid the crowds. Fireworks somehow just happened. Understanding of the symbolism was taken for granted. I’m sure my thoughts were not unique.

In this time of economic and political uncertainty, our community can and should take the opportunity to reflect on our values, coalesce our thinking, and work together to make future Independence Days truly special events. Sure, financially it makes sense, but it’s certainly time for a town like ours, in the era in which we live, to come together to celebrate the gift of freedom.

And that’s why I am so far disappointed in the response from our community. Yes, time is short, the city and its council should have forecasted the funding shortfall earlier, and the whole process to secure funding this year has been rushed. But these are just poor excuses.

A few dollars contributed by all citizens can make for a successful celebration this year. It’s possible that the celebration may not take place this year, and maybe a year without fireworks will lead to some soul searching and help us organize going forward, to act for 2012, on what we value most.

The council has directed the city to match half the cost of fireworks this year, and it’s not too late to demonstrate your support. Donations can be made by check, payable to the city of Glenwood Springs.

They may be dropped off or mailed to the city of Glenwood Springs, Finance Department, 101 W. Eighth St., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.

Thanks for your support!

Mayor Matthew Steckler

city of Glenwood Springs

I was saddened to see the Mother’s Day photo essay in the Sunday, May 8, paper – saddened because for two years in a row the editor and publisher have chosen to honor and acknowledge only white mothers and children.

We live in a multicultural community, which by some estimates is 30 to 40 percent Latino and black. I believe it is racist, irresponsible and dangerous for the Post Independent to persist in portraying the Roaring Fork Valley as a whites-only community.

Barbara Orcutt

New Castle

Editor’s note: The Post Independent put out an open call to all mothers in the community on a first-come basis to be photographed. The mothers portrayed were those who responded before the slots were filled.

After reading in the Post Independent’s May 4 news briefs that the 27th Street Bridge in Glenwood Springs will be closed for four days during the school year beginning May 17, this is a perfect time to bring up the obvious. We need an alternative way out of town and onto Highway 82.

I have heard that there are no funds in which to implement “Plan 8b,” which would travel along South Midland, cross beyond the airport through an underpass and end up just east of Buffalo Valley. This logical solution to already existing traffic problems would further alleviate situations when we have road closures like on the 27th Street Bridge.

There is already too much traffic on Midland from I-70 to where it ends at the seldom-used airport. Midland Avenue residents are locked in when there is any construction on Midland or the bridge. It’s a safety hazard to be sure, for the school and the emergency vehicles based out of Four Mile Road.

There is a solution. Use all the vast amounts of money the county has been wisely squirreling away and help the city of Glenwood Springs by creating this alternative route, 8b, which has already been approved by the City Council. Let’s work together to make Highway 82 accessible. It’s a county and city issue, so I’m sure they can work together.

Now is the time to act, as it’s way past due as it is.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

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