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When the course of our country took an unexpected turn, when instead of the continued progress we all expected, we now find ourselves threatened by evil, those who voted for the current president should look in the mirror and admit they’ve made a mistake.

His leadership has become so different from his promises and our aims. Instead of freedom and prosperity, misery is staring us in the face.

We are all now the victims of a man who has evil intentions. Obama must be defeated soundly in 2012 so we can all travel the road to a better life.

The more success we have, the greater our ambitions. We all have a right to be ambitious and follow our dreams.

Governments possess enormous powers for good and evil. Obama’s policies restrict the principles of a free society and are not compatible with the American way of life.

History has proven socialist societies fail. Socialism is the greatest threat to freedom. Socialists regard freedom of thought as the root of all evil.

While democracy extends freedom, socialism restricts it. Socialism is obedience. Democracy completely values each individual person,socialism assigns you a number.

Democracy creates wealth, socialism creates despair and lack of opportunity

We are the leader of the world’s free people. We’re not socialists. As President Reagan said, “The trouble with liberals is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

I have some answers to the May 7 letter from Jack Blankenship regarding illegal immigrants and the voting rights of non-English speakers.

I think there’s a blurring of complaints here. Illegal immigration is one thing. American citizens exercising their voting rights is something completely different.

In regard to his question about the “influx” of Latino residents in Garfield County, the April 30 article reporting on the population shifts explains that though there had been an increase in Latinos here during the housing boom, many of them left for greener pastures in the downturn. The population increases mentioned in the census are attributed to the remaining Latinos settling down and raising children. Isn’t that the American way?

As the article published May 1 details, the reason ballots and other official election documents are printed in multiple languages is because it’s the law. American citizenship does not require a full command of the English language. Ten other counties already comply with this law, not all by printing documents in Spanish.

The reasons why a requirement for voters to show proof of citizenship is unworkable include the fact that there is not one document any American could show to prove their citizenship. What would I, a natural-born citizen, have to show? A birth certificate hasn’t even completely worked for our president. A driver’s license and a Social Security card can be forged too easily – just ask the guys who worked at Hormel. Any new document produced by the U.S. government would be just as quickly forged, and would be denounced as another intrusion by “Big Brother” into our lives.

Another reason to reject proof-of-citizenship requirements is because of the slippery slope they put us back onto. Means testing, land ownership, literacy tests and selective voter eligibility standards are all part of the framework of the Jim Crow laws we got rid of last century. Nostalgia is one thing, but not everything we’ve moved on from was good to begin with.

American rights belong to all Americans, not just the ones Jack Blankenship may approve of.

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

Now I’ve seen everything! A public entity that exists for and because of its residents would rather see them sick, dead or moving away for health reasons rather than confront the big bucks natural gas industry.

Everyone knows how much we need the products that energy companies supply, but everyone also knows that the natural gas exploration, drilling and development process can be made much safer and less intrusive than it is. But because big business in this country values its bottom line more than public health, they refuse to clean up their act.

Those of us who aren’t sick yet are going to do everything we can to ensure that local, state and federal governments require energy companies to comply with the pitiful regulations that already exist. We will demand that legislators at all levels make new regulations that prohibit the unsafe practices favored by people who value profit over quality of life.

S. Bowen


Regarding the suspension of the online “Comments” section in our local papers, I’m not quite sure what the newspapers are trying to accomplish.

This is what they have posted:

“Dear Readers, We are working to make this feature of our website better to meet the preferences and standards of our readers and our publication. In the interim, we are pausing commenting on our website. We continue to encourage emails and letters from you to our staff and editor.”

There have been complaints to the Post Independent and Aspen Times by readers and those submitting comments. I have been one of those.

My complaint was one of censorship. Upon inquiry, I was told that the software built into the system automatically tagged as spam any links to websites included in the comment, and thus the comment was deleted. This did not always happen. Sometimes, in the comments section of an article, column or letter, one comment would be allowed to contain a website while, in my case, my comment with the attending website was deleted.

This is part of an explanation given to me:

“Online comments for a host of newspapers, all owned by the company that owns The Aspen Times, are funneled through the same administrative website. The comment function is actually hosted by an outside company that we contract with, and the spam issue and associated headaches (including what likely happened to your comments) is getting plenty of discussion.”

Others have taken issue with name-calling and foul language in the comments section; it’s basically a lack of civility and politeness.

My position on this, after some reflection, is quite simple and should resolve the issues at hand.

Anonymity should cease. When those who comment have to reveal their true identities, they are less likely to say things lacking in civility. They will be held accountable in the public eye.

At the same time, censorship should cease, being repugnant to a free and open society, not to mention our 1st Amendment rights.

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs

Kudos to the Post Independent editorial board for taking a position regarding the Garfield County commissioners’ action to terminate the Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment project.

It is indeed refreshing to see our local print media not only keep Garfield County residents informed about this important work being done for Battlement Mesa residents, but to also take a stand when our county commissioners make a blunder. Their actions are an embarrassment and make one not very proud of our county governance.

The recommendations from this report may be the first step to bringing responsible health-based mitigation steps to an industry that wants to drill for natural gas inside a residential community.

Some Battlement Mesa residents may not be aware of the bold step that the Post Independent has taken, since we don’t get delivery here, but I will do everything I can to make them aware.

Dave Devanney

Battlement Concerned Citizens

Battlement Mesa

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