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Osama bin Laden is dead.

Now President Obama should please stop. He can be our Gorbachev and lead the world by example.

He should not become a war president, as Bob Woodward would have it.

He should not go after Dr. Zawahiri and then the next and next and next.

We should leave Afghanistan and Iraq, break our military and CIA-ISI ties with Pakistan, and forget about the Unocal Caspian pipeline that fuels our military involvement in those nations.

President Obama should work to build back our foundering infrastructure, from bridges to health to education to energy independence. We have been robbed by years of obese war budgets. We need to create jobs and pride at home.

Let’s not waste our ideals and resources on another 100-year war.

Mabel Macdonald


Mayor Matt Steckler expressed his disappointment in his May 11 letter to the editor regarding the lack of response from our community in raising funds for the Fourth of July fireworks in Glenwood Springs.

I guess with people still losing their homes, our schools needing financial support because some of the kids’ sports programs have lost their funding, the price of fuel to get to work, etc., I believe our community is quite overloaded with financial responsibilities.

It would be difficult to justify $10,000 to $20,000 (I don’t know how much is usually spent) for fireworks that are gone in 30 minutes, leaving only a beautiful visual memory, instead of helping those in need right now.

Fireworks are a luxury only when we have “money to burn.”

Pamela Whittington

Glenwood Springs

In order to feel outraged at the Garfield County commissioners’ termination of the Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment, I would have to believe that once the study was completed they would have done anything to safeguard the health and welfare of the citizens of Garfield County.

During the past 15 years I have lived here, the county commissioners have never done anything to protect people or the environment from the impacts of natural gas drilling. On the contrary, the county government has laid a red carpet to their open door to the oil and gas industry.

I would also have to believe that safer drilling practices are something the industry would be willing to commit to, and the county would be willing to enforce. It’s all too hypothetical.

The reality is fracking is a national issue. Thanks to the film “Gasland,” the New York Times and more, gas drilling in Garfield County has gained the notoriety it deserves.

The lawyers have arrived. More lawsuits will be filed. If I was one of those lawyers, I would look at the county commissioners’ decision as a gift.

They just scrapped a $250,000 health assessment. What are they hiding? Throughout history, public officials have refused to hold corporations accountable, for whatever reasons. It has always been up to the people.

When public officials won’t protect your rights or enforce the law, the people have no other refuge than the courts.

Peggy Tibbetts


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