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I am writing this letter in support of Lynn Dwyer for re-election to the Holy Cross Energy board of directors and encourage other Holy Cross customers to join me in voting for her re-election. Lynn currently serves admirably on this board as vice president and is the only woman ever elected to serve on the Holy Cross board. As a 20-year business owner and Holy Cross member, she brings a hardworking, fiscally conservative perspective to her position. Lynn has distinguished herself by becoming the second director to earn certification from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Lynn Dwyer is well-known and respected by members and businesses throughout the Holy Cross service territory as owner of Dwyer Greens & Flowers in New Castle. She is very active in several community and business organizations and is a member of Carbondale Rotary Club, Better Business Bureau, and serves on the South Side Conservation District board.I know we can always count on Lynn to approach her board position with the budget concerns of Holy Cross members in mind, while always striving for the co-op to move forward as a leader. Lynn Dwyer is committed to fair and stable rates, clean energy and innovative programs with the members always in the forefront. Her outstanding track record deserves our support and vote for re-election as director.Warren C. KosterGlenwood Springs

I just finished reading the comment letter of April 27 sent to the Garfield County commissioners from Antero Resources’ lawyers replying to the HIA study.The letter was arrogant and threatening. In essence, it said, “We are going to come into your community and destroy your quality of life because we can, we are protected by the state and federal government.”So who is out there to protect us?Joanne MayoBattlement Mesa

The Garfield County commissioners, Antero Resources and others state that the Battlement Mesa Health Impact Assessment cannot demonstrate proof that gas drilling, in particular the chemical mix used in fracturing, has no adverse reaction on the health of the community or the local environment.These folks, for whatever reason, may not be schooled in reading research. I suggest that they take time to investigate some of the references in the appendices at the end of the draft assessment document. It is a skill that anyone who has gone through college or graduate school should know how to do.Also, it is unfortunate that HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, will not allow access to medical records of previous and current employees of the gas industry. That reading would be enlightening. Sally BedfordBattlement Mesa

Bart Victor has completely gutted the old, derelict Fireside building and created a brand new restaurant in West Glenwood. The food and service are the best. In addition, the benefit of this new enterprise to West Glenwood is substantial. The auto companies have gone, restaurants have closed, and vacant property is for sale along Route 6. The new restaurant may be what is needed to change the fortunes of West Glenwood. We owe Bart a debt of gratitude, which we can repay by having lunch or dinner at the shiny new Vic’s Route 6 Grill House. You will enjoy it.Hugh MacPhersonGlenwood Springs

When I saw the pictures of mothers and their children in the Post Independent on Mother’s Day, my first thought was definitely not their color of skin, because it doesn’t matter. All of us as people are entitled to our own opinions. However the best way to start a problem is to offer one’s own opinion and observations as fact.Christopher H.W. GundelfingerGlenwood Springs

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