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Your vote can make a difference. This is your chance to have a say in the energy needs of our Western Slope communities.My name is Scott Prince. I am seeking a position on the Holy Cross Energy board of directors and I ask for your support. In the next few days, Holy Cross customers will be receiving the Holy Cross annual meeting newsletter via postal mail. Enclosed in this newsletter is a ballot and return envelope. Completing the ballot will only take a few moments and I ask for your consideration.I am a resident of Avon and have lived in the Vail Valley since 1993. My employment and academic background will ensure Holy Cross is a well-run organization. Holy Cross is our energy provider, and it needs to be managed as a business. The board needs experienced directors with long and solid histories of successful financial management and planning. That’s of primary importance and that’s why I ask for your vote.I have nearly two decades of experience in all aspects of financial planning and banking. I currently work for Wells Fargo, one of our nation’s largest banks. Additionally, I serve as a commissioner on the town of Avon Planning and Zoning Commission and as a director on the board of a nonprofit organization. I have also served on the Vail Board of Realtors and have given many volunteer hours to organizations in Western Colorado.I received a business degree from California State University, Sacramento, and an MBA from the University of Denver. I am married; my wife and I have a 5-year-old son in public elementary school. Our future generations deserve the best possible stewardship of our energy supplier, Holy Cross Energy. I understand the important balance of providing affordable, yet environmentally sound, energy supplies to Holy Cross members. I ask for the support and vote of Holy Cross members. As a Holy Cross director, you would have my commitment to be available and ensure Holy Cross is transparent in everything it does.Scott PrinceAvon

It has been well reported by Scott Condon in the Post Independent that there are nine candidates for two seats on the Holy Cross Energy board of directors. These nine candidates are Dan Corcoran, Lynn Dwyer, Megan Gilman, Clem Kopf, Eric Lundquist, Tom McBrayer, Arn Menconi, Scott Prince and Randy Udall.Holy Cross Energy has a stated goal of a renewable/alternative energy mix of 20 percent before 2015. A 20 percent renewable/alternative energy goal is a noble and bold undertaking and certainly a goal to be emulated by others. However, because the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow 24/7, a smart-grid energy matrix, modulated by frequency regulation, is essential.Therefore, the new Holy Cross Energy board of directors has an opportunity to aggressively consider a one megawatt demonstration facility of a new and exciting emerging technology that is ready for commercialization known as the flywheel electrical energy storage system. We politely suggest that the new board of directors of Holy Cross Energy conduct a due diligence investigation into the financial rewards of juxtaposing renewable energy wind and solar with flywheel storage for frequency regulation. Over time, Western Colorado could possibly become a manufacturing center for this new flywheel electrical energy storage technology. In other words, for the possible creation of livable wage jobs in Western Colorado, please conduct the due diligence of purchasing and constructing a one megawatt demonstration facility of flywheel energy storage as part of the Holy Cross Energy infrastructure. Carl & Karen Mc WilliamsSilt

I would like to commend the Post Independent on its May 11 editorial on working to bring Anglo and Hispanic communities together. As one of the founder members of Club Rotario, this has been one of our primary goals from our beginning. The annual “Festival las Americas” that we host in Carbondale each year embodies this, as we strive to bring all parts of our community together. Our Rotary members were thrilled to put in a shift at the recent Carbondale playground build and see such a positive example of the whole community working together. Likewise, at the recent citizenship drive day it was great to see an equal mix of English and Spanish speakers volunteering to assist residents apply for citizenship.I fully agree that it is high time we see some Latino representation in town and county government, and I will certainly encourage some of my Latino friends to consider running for office. While their contributions may be largely unheralded, members of our Latino community already serve on many local boards.As for the need for the Anglo community to “provide interpreters or print brochures in Spanish,” this is something that, although largely unnoticed, is also already happening. There is great group of professional interpreters who also make themselves available for volunteer situations. Since 2004 I have been publishing an annual Spanish language Yellow Pages and Community guide called “Las Paginas Comunitarias” (Community Pages) that we distribute between Aspen, Vail and Parachute. We just mailed the 2011 edition to 4,000 Latino homes in our area. For businesses, nonprofits or government looking to share information with our Latino community, you can reach us at (970) 704-8190 or Also, our friend Veronica Whitney publishes the weekly newspaper El Montas, which is another great way to share information with our Latino community. Contact her at (970) 376-6523.Finally, for anyone out there who is asking, “Why won’t they learn English?” I hear there is a waitlist of more than 75 students wanting to improve their English with local nonprofit English in Action. Visit to find out about volunteering.Julian HardakerCarbondale

I write in response to Stephen Horn’s March 13 letter to the editor suggesting the legalization of marijuana. What’s the issue, and why are we spending all this money on debate when it is clearly against federal laws? State laws can not usurp federal laws. As it is, unless specifically prescribed (which is an absolute joke), all other marijuana use and possession is illegal under federal laws. For the state of Colorado and local entities to attempt to legalize, and for law enforcement to ignore federal law, is the most egregious case of selective prosecution (which, by the way, is forbidden in the U.S. Constitution) that I’ve seen in recent years.Until the feds change their laws, nothing Colorado or Garfield County does will matter. It’s illegal.Ryan McGuireNew Castle

As residents of this valley, we have been spoiled with gifts of fresh powder and its child of fresh drinking water. As a high school student at Glenwood Springs High School, I too have been spoiled, but by powerful teachers and supportive people. However, no program or teacher has been as supportive or as powerful as the Roaring Fork School District Pre-Collegiate Program. The annual graduation ceremony, which has always been a very emotional and invigorating ceremony, took place May 12, and I would like to publically recognize the program’s support.The program, which is offered by only a few school districts in the state and is in connection with University of Colorado at Boulder and Colorado Mountain College, is aimed at giving students the proper direction and tools they need to get to higher education. After spending summers at CU and being mentored for four years by an incredible man, I have began to realize how much people in this community care about us attending college, almost as if God himself told these people to help us. The program, which only takes in selected students, has humbled me as I sit in meetings, in between a young lady who’s been offered a full ride to Notre Dame and a young man who can use his camera like da Vinci used a brush. Every student who attends these meetings has a story, but these stories are what helped push so many of them to be where they are. I would like to thank the people of this valley for helping to support so many of us in aspiring to college. If anyone would like to say I am spoiled by this valley, I would have to agree. Thank you. Chris Ayala Glenwood Springs

Holy Cross Energy customers have likely already received a ballot in the mail for the annual board of directors election. I am running for a board position in the Northern District and ask for your support.I know utility elections seem pretty mundane and unimportant, but I promise you, this actually matters. Just seven people in Western Colorado get the final say in important decisions that directly affect us all. It is critical that board members have in-depth knowledge about the needs and usage of the members to pave a well-informed path forward. I understand as well as anyone how important affordable, reliable and clean electricity is to you, your families and businesses. I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of homeowners, business owners, and tenants to reduce energy usage and save money. I’m also a local small-business owner with experience making difficult financial and planning decisions, and would be able to represent the best interests of the members. The strength of Holy Cross and its board have everything to do with the board’s members, so I hope you will consider voting this year. I look forward to working with this great community to help make it even better. Please visit for more information, and don’t forget to sign and mail your ballot by June 4.Megan GilmanEagle-Vail

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