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Shortly after moving to the Roaring Fork Valley, my husband and I signed two of our daughters up for dance classes at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. Unbeknown to us, this would be the beginning of a cathartic fusion into a lovely community. Through the weeks of classes our daughters established new friendships, learned about self-expression and gained deeper confidence.This year’s Dancers Dancing performance was the culmination of our family’s joyous entrance into this community. We saw parents pooling efforts to make this event a success. We saw young girls, young boys, women and men dance their hearts out. We saw the beauty that plays on parents’ faces as they watch their children fearlessly dance in front of a huge applauding audience. We saw women shaking their hips proudly – celebrating one of the beauties of being a woman.The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts gave our family “community.” It gave parents and dancers a common goal – to participate in our children’s or our own lifelong ventures of healthy expression. My family is extremely proud to be a part of the center’s community, and we are grateful for its role in the valley. We thank all the businesses and individuals who support this organization, and encourage any benevolent soul to also support the Center for the Arts.If we can teach healthy expression, we can change the world one dancer or artist at a time. We all have this potential.Joy C. WhiteGlenwood Springs

As a longtime resident of Apple Tree Park, I also take offense with Lori Bennett’s comments. As crime is concerned, the only time you hear sirens in Apple Tree, there is a forest fire somewhere or it’s Halloween and the kids are on their annual hay ride; or it’s the Fourth of July celebration. Most of the residents I know live within their means, and are very comfortable not being saddled with homes they can’t afford. Neighbors look out for one another and accept responsibility for their actions. All in all, a good place to live. As for Ross Talbott being interested in profit, of course he is. I have never known a business that survived without that interest. I’m sure he could have sold the park many times to some developer who would have built more homes that were overpriced. I, for one, appreciate the Talbott family providing a decent, secure and affordable place to live in this valley.Milt HarrisNew Castle

I knew this couldn’t be true. John Diemoz is a man of the highest integrity and would not be using a Dumpster for his trash that was not his to use. After hearing what really happened, his character proved to be none other than that.I have known John and the Diemoz family for 36 years, and it is no surprise John is an ethical person.Sounds like, perhaps, someone is taking out his/her frustration on John.Gwen PorterGlenwood Springs

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