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Aspen is getting a new store. Its name is “Testosterone.”

In the May 21 edition of the Aspen Business News, owners Robert Cypher and partners Christine and David Kingen tell us, “Come June 4, ‘Testosterone’ will mean something more to Aspenites and visitors than the stuff that makes men, well, what they are.”

In late May, the Post Independent ran an advertisement announcing the opening of “Testosterone” in Aspen. The ad tells us it is “Aspen’s newest and coolest men’s store.”

The picture accompanying the ad depicts a half female torso, apparently naked from the waist up (we only see her navel), with a gun in her leather belt, resting in between her legs, pointed at her genitals.

What do the owners want us to conclude from the picture in the ad, along with their store name “Testosterone”? Male power? Male sexual violence? That women like that kind of male energy?

After spending a career working with women (and men) who were victims of sexual violence, and the perpetrators of such violence, I can tell you, it’s not cool. The ad is shameful.

Niki Delson


I’d like to correct an error in my June 2 letter to the editor in the Post Independent regarding the Lafarge gravel pit near Carbondale.

The letter cited a “1.6 acre open pit mine,” but it should have said a “1.6 mile long open pit mine.”

The combined Lafarge and WSA pits would stretch approximately 1.6 miles along Highway 82. The Lafarge proposal is for a 65.48-acre mine.

I thought it was important to clarify this.

Sue Coyle


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