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Lori Bennett, all I have to say to you is that you are a mean and hateful person. You don’t have the right to classify us as poor, or say our houses are not nice. Some might not be as new as others, but they are not run down. You have issues, and need to open your eye to the real world. Just because we don’t live in fancy houses on top of the hill, we are not poor. They have invited you to our community to check it out. In my opinion, you do not deserve to step foot in our community if you feel like that. Just as it was said before, people in glass houses should not throw stones.Shasta PetersonApple Tree Park residentNew Castle

To all the offended people of Apple Tree Trailer/Mobile Home Park, I apologize for saying “poor people” in my letter to the editor concerning Ross Talbott’s weekly tidbit. I did look up in the dictionary, as someone suggested, under the word “poor,” and Apple Tree residents were not listed, and I knew that, it was just a political error. An error that I wish the editor would have caught while he was editing all the other parts of my letter (which were not printed); maybe then the whole letter would have made sense, maybe not. You that dislike me for my words know nothing about me. I have not a dime to my name, well maybe a dime, but not much more. I have lived in rentals most of my adult life, paying the slumlord most of my check for the three-bedroom “home” I made livable for my children. I have lived in drug-infested neighborhoods, ’cause that’s where the rent was cheap. I never shut my mouth then, and I won’t begin now! I admitted that there was crime in my neighborhood to eliminate it, not protect it. I painted and watered and killed my back taking care of some duplex for $700 a month for some slumlord’s profit in 1987. I called cops on neighbors beating their wives, starving their dogs, and abusing their children. So don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. I am sure there are plenty of great people where you live, I was one of the great neighbors where I lived, too! It’s not a fight about you or your home. Let it go, and let me live free without Ross!Lori Bennett (not the doctor)SiltEditor’s Note: Ross L. Talbott’s column, “Out on a Limb,” runs every other Monday in the Post Independent, not weekly.

A recent letter compared active duty losses under several different presidents. The point of the letter was that under G.W. Bush we have lost less servicemen/women (with two wars) than we had under Clinton with no wars. The letter did not contain all the facts.I believe it is wrong to politicize the deaths of any of these soldiers. They volunteered to serve this country and they paid the ultimate price. Those dead represented all skin colors, all religions, political parties and sexual persuasion of this country; they were the face of America. That being said, the letter compared total deaths under Clinton to the war count dead under Bush. It was not complete or totally factual.In fairness, it is hard to get all of the facts. Some information is mixed, some information is nonexistent. The information can be found in the Congressional Research Service report on Military Operations and Causalities for U.S. active duty deaths 1980-2006. Note this does not include the last two years (2007-08) of G.W. Bush. These numbers do not separate death from combat losses and other causes such as accident, homicide, illness or suicide; they are all lumped together. Here is a summary of that report. Ronald Reagan, 1981-88: 17,201 deaths; H.W. Bush, 1989-92: 6,223 deaths; Clinton, 1993-2000: 7,500 deaths; G.W. Bush, 2001-2006, 8,792 deaths.To all who have served, both alive and dead, thank you. To those who reap the benefits of freedom, cherish it by honoring truth, you owe it to yourself.Rick DavisGlenwood Springs

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