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I live on County Road 103 outside of Carbondale. There has been an approval of expansion of the WSA gravel operation recently, which will have a large impact in the area.

Lafarge is now seeking approval for a new pit and asphalt plant on the same mesa. I will not go into all of the details of how this impacts this beautiful area and the surrounding land values.

I do want to encourage everyone to attend the Garfield County commissioners meeting at 1 p.m. on Monday, June 13.

Signs have been put along the road that are virtually non-visible unless you are really looking for them. This letter is to alert anyone who has not seen those signs or is not aware of this potential expansion to the fact that the meeting is this coming Monday at 1 p.m. in Glenwood Springs.

Susan Gibbs


The Post Independent really is pretty amazing. Just at the point when many of us feel the paper has scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel by publishing the ignorant rantings of Hal Sundin, you roll out Mary Boland. Her ideas are actually dumber than wood or maybe even dumber than Hal Sundin’s.

It sounds as if she spent her life teaching in a safe little government job while others (taxpayers), many working in the corporations she despises, supported her. If the “teacher” is that ignorant, it’s no wonder so many of our kids can hardly make change and don’t know which side we were on in World War II.

If Ms. Boland hasn’t spent time in Russia, she ought to go visit. When you do that, even today, you soon see Stalin’s legacy is quite different from that of any American corporate CEO you might care to name.

Fred Ingelhart

Glenwood Springs

“Find a wrong and try to right it.” The Post Independent’s publisher, Jenna Weatherred, provided just such an opportunity for readers by asking us to help her “right” what we thought was missing.

Try balancing the Post Independent’s editorial mockery (not just against Fox News, Palin, Beck, tea partiers, Christendom, etc.). Maybe instruct the Post Independent’s reporters to report, not promote.

Two Associated Press stories in the Post Independent were off the mark. AP’s “Clashes leave 20 dead in disputed area,” would be more on point with the headline “Israel braces for Syrian-backed violent mobs on their border.” American leftists are encouraging the same sort of “dispute” over our own southern border, hoping to foment similar violence, perhaps?

Change AP’s “Abortion showdown could cut health care for 1 million Hoosiers” to a more accurate, “Planned Parenthood in Indiana loses funding after allegations of corruption.” Back that assertion with Planned Parenthood’s alleged connection with child sex slavery, underage abortions, and the questionable relationship between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts.

Personally speaking, an important fact was deleted from my letter on illegal immigration and those in our society who would gain from encouraging anti-Americanism: “There are 70 avowed socialists in the 111th Congress, 11 of which serve on the Judiciary Committee, one being the chairman.”

I think that’s worth mentioning as we wonder how they can hold office under an oath required by a constitution they loathe.

Objectivity in journalism is always the right approach.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

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