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The Post Independent’s editorial board believes that shoppers in Glenwood Spring should be punished with a fee for using evil plastic bags, and big government should impose the fee. I believe that big government should tend to its own knitting and mind its own business.

The much-maligned plastic bag was ballyhooed in its infancy to be good for the planet, remember? The plastic bag would save the forests. Now it is all grown up and is the proverbial 800-pound gorilla to the anti-plastic bag nannies.

The anti-plastic bag spin is a bunch of hyperbole and lies. Check out the websites or the

It is pathetic that both sides of the debate have to turn to the Internet or Capitol Hill lobbyists to present their viewpoints. Don’t we all have matters of more important concern? Expecting big government to impose a plastic bags usage fee or to outright ban them is arrogant meddling.

Big government has already told me how many gallons of water my toilet can use per flush, how many gallons per minute my showerhead can spew forth, and what type of light bulbs I can or cannot use. All of this is environmental statism.

The environmentalists’ sanctified and worshipped reusable market bag is manufactured in China, a country with few, if any pollution-control laws. China is also notorious for its overworked, poorly paid labor force working in conditions that would warrant legal action by OSHA if such working conditions existed in America.

Plastic bags are manufactured in America, most of them by a company named Hilex. Big government has no right to regulate Americans’ jobs out of existence. This happened last year when the last incandescent light bulb factory in the United States closed and placed 200 Americans out of jobs.

I believe big government needs impose a $100 per month fee on each newspaper vending box cluttering public property. Would the Post Independent editorial board be opposed? America is supposed to be a sweet land of liberty, not a bitter land of tyranny.

Chris Mecham

Glenwood Springs

I have been reading the letters about the gravel pit permits near Carbondale. I really feel sorry for the people who are complaining and have only lived here for 10 years. They call it their beautiful valley.

They don’t know what the valley was like 70 years ago. We didn’t have houses on every ridge looking down on our beautiful valley. We could fish anywhere on the river if we asked the homeowner. Now they are afraid of being sued.

What a beautiful valley. Everybody knew everybody in Carbondale and even spoke to you, but not now.

I just want to know if people that love this valley so much, do they know where the gravel and cement and the big trucks came from to build their big, beautiful houses so that they could look down on this beautiful valley.

Gene Roberts


In the June 11 Post Independent, Fred Ingelhart referred to Hal Sundin’s writings as “ignorant rantings.”

I am surmising that since Mr. Sundin apparently researches his subject before he writes on it, does fact checking to make sure what he has said is correct, does not start out with, “Things were different when I was growing up,” does not quote the Bible or call anyone baby-killer, does not complain about taxes and government in every article, does realistically read and report the findings of reputable scientists and engineers on various subjects rather than just giving his opinion, then yes, I guess one could think of his writings as ignorant.

Tom Collins


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