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Ross Talbott’s June 14 column likened government to a river that gets murky and destructive as it fills; so does government as it grows. Great metaphor!

So Mr. Talbott suggests we slow down the river (aka government) to limit destruction and improve clarity. Great plan!

Of course, it takes the concerted efforts of many people working cooperatively over time to change the workings of a river. That usually means government. (Think the pharaohs on the Nile, or Roosevelt’s New Deal with Grand Coulee Dam, etc.)

So Mr. Talbott’s metaphor is itself kind of murky, but never mind. I like it anyway, and I like his plan. Let’s do it!

Let’s slow down Government River by removing its power to regulate who may marry whom, reducing the military by half, taking away the river’s power to spy on its citizens sans warrants and, while we are at it, let’s take away the river’s power to dictate what substances a citizen can and cannot eat, drink, smoke or inject.

Is that the kind of thing Mr. Talbott had in mind, I wonder? Or was he thinking more about water closer to the left bank, the one he isn’t standing on?

Metaphors can be such fun! Too bad they prove nothing.

Ron Kokish


Ross L. Talbott, ironically, clearly demonstrated his narrow-minded view of the world through his column that appeared June 14.

He stated that the rise and fall of the river with spring runoff is akin to government; when it is swollen, it is dirty and full of trash, and only when it is small can we realize some of its positive effects.

Spring runoff is a beautiful and beneficial natural occurrence. It flushes sediment from the riverbed, improves habitat, creates sandy beaches, recharges wetlands and fills our reservoirs.

Forcing an analogy, Mr. Talbott has shown that he can neither see another viewpoint nor compose a legitimate column.

Glenn Wysocki

New Castle

I thought the introduction of the first wave of Republican presidential candidates expressed their intentions clearly.

Newt Gingrich expressed the view that it requires more than a president, it also requires a House and Senate to accomplish the administration’s goals. It was the same thing they have been saying, and for those loyal to their cause it was a resounding confirmation.

I especially enjoyed Michele Bachmann’s remark about completely eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency. There goes Parachute, drill baby drill! Nothing new, the Republican Party has been against all regulations governing business, corporations and exploration ever since anyone can remember.

You have to hand it to Bachmann. Her loud outbursts and shaking her arms aroused the crowds. In those moments, my thoughts went back to that old time religion, God Bless America and pass the ammunition. Looks like it made her the winner. As the head Teabagger, I guess she was smart enough to understand the crowd she is representing.

No one wanted to talk about the past when Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and, let us not forget, the Supreme Court. That was just a few years ago when they handed over a $700 billion bailout and a debt that had doubled during their full control of government.

Not only have they transferred the country’s wealth to the top 5 percent, but they have taken a surplus and turned it into a trillion dollar deficit, with two unpaid wars and a drowning economy in only eight years.

In fact, the bleeding has not stopped completely. Rebuilding our country and the dreams we all share with the national respect we were once accustomed to will take sacrifice and hard work. World events will not wait for us to recover, so we live on to endure.

Now the Republicans actually want to be back in the driver’s seat. Do we really want that?

Jim Childers

New Castle

Everyone is welcome to attend the Valley View Hospital Auxiliary’s 49th Pie Day starting at 9 a.m. this Friday at the First United Methodist Church, Ninth and Cooper in Glenwood Springs, and participate in a local’s event where new friends are always welcome.

Spend $4 for a slice of homemade pie with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy it while you visit with old friends or make some new ones. For $20, you can buy a whole pie to share with your Strawberry Days guests.

Many people think the fun starts Friday morning when veteran Pie Day samplers gather to chat a little before the door opens at 9 a.m.

Our many experienced patrons and contributors know Pie Day is a fundraiser for Valley View Hospital Auxiliary. Now boasting more than 150 active volunteers, the auxiliary contributes thousands of volunteer hours at the hospital and donates more than $50,000 a year toward our mission of health education.

Each purchase helps us give scholarships to local students pursuing health science careers, and supports the Connie Delaney Medical Library, which provides health information to the entire community.

Angela Parkison

Valley View Hospital Auxiliary president

Glenwood Springs

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