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I have listened to all the news on Social Security and Medicare, and I can’t believe all the bull our politicians are feeding us. I agree that our system is in trouble, but they won’t tell the people why.

They have made it so that anybody can get Medicare, even if they are here for a few months.

The big one they won’t tell the people is that the government has been borrowing or stealing from the account for years. They always said it would be paid back, which was another lie, as usual.

Social Security and Medicare once were one of the richest trusts in the world.

I hope everyone wakes up and starts to make our politicians accountable. I’m thinking about our children and grandchildren and their kids in the future. Look at our national debt. We had better start learning Chinese, as they will own our country when the bills come due.

Gene Roberts


This is an expression of exasperation on two subjects that are on the minds of most area concerned citizens. I will address the federal jobs “solution” first.

The president, Congress and the state government take our money via taxes, taxes and more taxes. Then they say they can create jobs for small business by using our money to stimulate the economy.

Small businesses depend on trade for their profit margin. The state and federal governments have confiscated consumer’s money through a heavy tax burden, so they simply don’t have the money to increase their purchases. Thus, businesses have no reason to expand or hire additional help. Likewise, they don’t need to increase their orders to manufacturers, producers and distributors.

The simple solution seems to be to reduce taxes so citizens have more money to spend, and the economy will be stimulated from bottom to top instead of by government trickle down.

Yes, we have companies leaving the U.S. because of tax advantages elsewhere and we have border invasions costing us millions. Even so, the more money the governments remove from the spending public and corporations, the less requirement for business expansion. The result is a shrinking economy. That’s economics 101.

My second topic is in regard to the fearful activists that filed a new lawsuit to stop drilling in Garfield and Mesa counties until more and more and more air quality tests can be performed, ad infinitum.

People get the same illnesses whether or not drilling and fracking is present in their area. The current lawsuit and any further attempt to stop progress should be dismissed by the courts with prejudice.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Welcome back to freestanding PI

I want to say “Welcome back” to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent as being self-standing once more. I understand the merger with The Aspen Times was necessary, but it was never the same. I hope you’re able to continue on your own.

Jackie Hawkins


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