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I have never taken the time to write a letter to the editor before, but felt compelled after listening to a speech delivered at the Netroots Nation conference this weekend in Minneapolis by Howard Dean.

To refresh your memory, Dr. Dean was a six-term governor of the state of Vermont, ran an unsuccessful campaign to obtain the nomination of the Democratic Party for the presidency, and served for several years as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Dean is considered a credible and respected Democratic politician.

I write today to dispute Dean’s characterization of the Tea Party in his weekend speech. He stated, “The Tea Party and the GOP are dangerous, desperate, religious, bigoted haters,” a characterization shared in many opinion pieces and editorial cartoons published in this newspaper.

I can no longer let such characterizations go unchallenged. Tea Party people are not racists. A very short list of some Tea Party candidates from the 2010 elections:

• Nikki Haley, the first female, first nonwhite, Indian-American governor of South Carolina. She is also the youngest governor in the country.

• Marco Rubio, senator of Florida, a Cuban-American.

• Herman Cain, a Tea Party favorite seeking the Republican presidential nomination and a successful African-American businessman.

• Col. Adam West, the first African-American Republican representative to be elected from Florida since 1870.

The goals of the Tea Party are not the goals of “desperate haters.” Consider a current campaign urging Tea Party patriots to get the word to Speaker of the House John Boehner that the American people demand the following:

• Fully defund and repeal “Obama Care.”

• Freeze or roll back reckless federal spending.

• Halt all raids on the Social Security Trust Fund.

• Ban earmarks.

• Outlaw federal bailouts of corporations.

• Return unspent stimulus funds to the taxpayers.

• Make all of the Bush tax cuts permanent.

• Abolish the “Death Tax.”

• Utilize our own natural resources for our energy needs.

• Fully secure our borders.

• Respect the original meaning and intent of the founders.

Are these bigoted, desperate, racist goals?

Ramona Klinger


I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to see so many of our wonderfully talented local musicians at Strawberry Days this year.

Not that it is not a treat to get music from out of town as well, but this is a community event.

I think the locals must be a good part of the music schedule, as it was this Strawberry Days. Hopefully the chamber keeps this tradition going.

Patty Grace

Glenwood Springs

Just a quick note to say how proud I am of the Herrell and Diaz families for their work in Joplin.

At a time when the news is dour and depressing, it is uplifting to know there are people out helping.

I’m proud to know these families.

Christine Sullivan

Glenwood Springs

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