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We would like to publicly thank Ferrell Gas for the support we just received as new customers. Since 2003, we used Cross Propane customers.April 23rd, I called Cross Propane to pay for our current delivery of propane. I let Cross Propane know that I intended to switch to Ferrell Gas, who was running a promotion that saved us approximately $1 per gallon for the next year. I told the employee it could be two weeks before the new tank was set. We agreed I would call once the Cross tank could be picked up and an office staffer would call me to explain the handling fee for the unused propane.April 24th, we returned home to find our tank was gone. Emergency pager calls were ignored. Our thermostat read 50 degrees that night. April 25th, I spoke to the same employee, who stated: It is company policy to immediately close an account once a customer says they are changing providers; He was aware we could be without propane for two weeks; The tank was needed for another family, which I question since the company must have other tanks. The employee acknowledged I was never told the tank would be picked up the next morning and it was not the company’s responsibility since the tank belongs to Cross Propane. We only paid a yearly tank rental, which had been paid a couple of months ago. Once I told Ferrell Gas what had happened, they said they would get us on their schedule as soon as time allowed. Thankfully, we were only without heat and hot water for 8 days and not the full 2 weeks as first expected. According to the Better Business Bureau, the Garfield County Sheriff and the State of Colorado Health and Public Safety Commissions, this is all legal and nothing can be done. This is nothing more than poor customer service. Thankfully this was not winter and we have no small children. Jeri Batchelor Silt

Is this legal? It is not new, but could someone tell me why we continue to have higher gas prices than almost anywhere in the state?I drove from Colorado Springs to Glenwood last Friday, and got gas in Divide, which is not on I-70. It is a very small town and out of the way and it cost $3.39. Frisco, which is not cheaper rent than here, was $3.69 and Glenwood is $3.95. Who can explain what is up with this? By the way, I drive a hybrid and get 50 mpg. I am not complaining about gas going up in general, just why it is more expensive here in Glenwood? Joni McGavockGlenwood Springs

I don’t know if anyone else is as tired of the price of gas in Rifle as I am, but I went to Silt and bought gas for 16 cents less per gallon than in Rifle. Seven miles shouldn’t make that big a difference in the price we pay. Maybe it is time to boycott the Rifle gas pumps and go to Silt or New Castle to purchase our fuel. If you are traveling that direction, buy your gas and you haven’t wasted a trip. Just a suggestion that might get the attention of the local gas companies. Jan Walker Rifle

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