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Kudos to the Post Independent for its editorial of June 24 regarding the dismissal of Judy Jordan. I truly appreciate their viewpoint.

It has become more apparent in recent months that the Garfield County commissioners have way too much power – so much that they are drunk with power. Their agenda does not exhibit what is best for the residents of this county.

I can only imagine that the Industry has pressured them to repay their favors and oust someone that challenged them and held their hands to the fire.

I would be very curious how much each one of the county commissioners received from the industry to fund their campaigns. Next year, 2012, is an election year for two of the commissioners. Let’s band together and make sure they do not get re-elected.

Thank you, Judy Jordan, for all your hard work and your ethical behavior. The county commissioners made a huge mistake.

Nikki Fender


James Kellogg has been writing for several months now, and while I applaud the Post Independent’s attempt to balance the articulate and researched writings of your left wing columnists, Mr. Kellogg falls far short.

Yes, he can write a column and adhere to the rules of basic grammar, but he has yet to offer an original idea. Let me sum up all of his columns so far; oil and gas industry good, government and concerned citizens bad.

His June 21 offering was particularly demonstrative of his one-sided lobbying. He writes, “Alarmingly, state governments in Colorado and elsewhere are mounting an assault against domestic coal and natural gas. These energy resources are targets of regulation that makes them harder to produce and more costly to use.”

Apparently Mr. Kellogg has never learned anything about the history of Colorado and the West.

Drive over any mountain pass and you will see abandoned mines with their infertile, toxic tailings just left there. Find out about Leadville and all the toxic water building up in abandoned mines that could at any moment cause a catastrophic flood.

Tell me why when I was growing up in Carbondale the Crystal River would not, by itself, support fish from the Mid-Continent mine down, but had no problem supporting fish upstream of the mine.

In a nutshell, the history of the West is one of boom and bust, and having the extractive industries privatize profits and socialize expenses by leaving a huge mess for taxpayers to clean up.

Back then it was American corporations that did the damage. Today it is foreign companies such as Halliburton and EnCana that want to extract our resources and sell them back to us at obscene profits. These foreign corporations want nothing more than to make a bunch of money here and then leave us residents a big mess to clean up.

I don’t trust international corporations to have our best interests at heart, and I don’t understand why tea baggers and conservatives do.

Yes, we need natural gas and maybe coal, but they should be mined on our terms to serve our citizens, not foreign corporations.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

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