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SG Interests has a long history of developing natural gas resources in Colorado in an environmentally responsible manner. Prior to selling natural gas properties in the San Juan Basin in 2001 and 2005, SG was consistently ranked as one of the top natural gas producers in Colorado.

We are confident that the area of our proposed federal unit holds significant natural gas resources. We can develop these resources while protecting natural values.

Protecting the environment is important to SG. Our employees take very seriously their charge to protect these values, which make Colorado so special.

This commitment to the environment is one reason SG has asked the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to create a federal unit encompassing SG’s valid existing leases in Garfield and Pitkin counties.

An alternative development scenario would be for SG to drill a well on each lease that has been included in the proposed Lake Ridge Unit. This approach could result in more impacts than the federal unitization process.

SG is not the first operator to explore the oil and gas resources in this area. Well pads and roads exist from previous gas exploration, existing gas production, existing gas storage and from historic coal mining exploration. SG will use some of this existing infrastructure as we move forward to minimize impacts of our development.

Creating the federal unit will help to ensure that environmental impacts are minimized. Unitization begins a coordinated process for exploration and development that requires significant planning and engineering. This process is the best way to ensure that impacts are minimized and development proceeds in a well-planned and orderly manner.

In no way does the unitization process short-circuit any federal requirements for gas exploration and development on public lands.

The BLM and/or Forest Service will still be required to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (and all other environmental laws) and conduct a full and rigorous analysis of all applications to drill wells. The public will be invited to provide comments, as in any federal land management decision.

Robbie Guinn

Vice President – Land, SG Interests

Houston, Texas

In regards to the men getting arrested in front of their children, I would think that everyone should be looking at what they are teaching their children as fathers if it was so awful to be arrested on or before Father’s Day.

Pat Nielsen

Glenwood Springs

Mr. Kevin O’Brien in his letter to the editor of June 26 made some harsh comments regarding my letter addressing taxes and the air quality study.

He tried to make a point that tax cuts are meaningless to people who are out of work. Comprehensive reading of my letter would reveal that tax cuts result in employment of people who then become taxpayers. They also have money to pay off their debts, and with verified employment most creditors will arrange manageable payments.

Mr. O’Brien makes an assumption that with lower taxes, a business person will have money that he will just stick in his pocket. This is a fallacious assumption by a lot of liberals.

Demand will cause a need to increase investment and expand goods and services. Mr. O’Brien’s pocket money will be spent for business expansion. The result will be more employees with money to pay debts and taxes. Could this be called a snowball effect?

Please note that where the male gender is used in this letter it is for convenience. There are many ladies who have created very successful enterprises.

It is too bad that so many people like Mr. O’Brien are willing to turn their money over to government entities, rather than take personal responsibility for its expenditure to assure their own well being or even to waste it themselves.

Regarding the air quality study, putting more money into the previous study is like putting more investment into an obviously ill-conceived losing enterprise and expecting a different result. In this case, there is a lack of meaningful data or a recommendation for remediation procedures.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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