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Thank you to Anita Demboski, owner of AT&T at the Glenwood Springs Mall, for having her employees take in my sister, Sherry Wilson, and set her up with a brand new phone. They took the time to show Sherry how to use the phone, programmed all her numbers and told her she was welcome in their store at any time. Thank you to all the supporters who shared our frustrations with Ensignal Verizon retail stores. Many of you went out of your way to stop and support us, and we thank you. People out in the Glenwood community have recognized my sister and taken the time to tell her “you go girl” or “you did a great job.” Because of these messages, she went from being a victim and crying and wondering what she did wrong to be banned from the Glenwood Springs Mall just for standing up for her rights, to a woman with a smile on her face and feeling good about herself. The only hostility we received was from Sonja Davis, mall manager, and Shane Smith, manager – not owner as she claimed to me in a phone conversation – of Ensignal Verizon. Ms. Smith did not make herself known even when she confronted me. Meanwhile, our group of protesters was abiding by the municipal code provisions that bar protesters from confronting other people. Yet as a professional, she was allowed to confront me.A simple apology for the way her employees treated Sherry would have prevented all this.Our family would ask that people not boycott the Glenwood Springs Mall, just Ensignal Verizon. Don’t let the ignorance of two people stop you from shopping at the mall. Those store owners need your business, except Ensignal Verizon. Trust me in this, my sister will in the very near future be allowed back in the mall and will enjoy it just like everyone else has a right to do. Thanks again to the Glenwood Springs community from the bottom of my heart for supporting Sherry. If you see her around, tell her hello.Marilyn CharlesworthGrand Junction

My, my, two letters in one day mentioning me and my views on illegal aliens. I’m touched.Barbara Coddington’s letter of July 21 says that we all agree we need immigration reform. Really? The majority of Americans want our immigration laws enforced.What exactly do these reform proponents want? Over a million legal immigrants become citizens every year. How many is enough? Five million? Ten million? Open borders? Though the invading horde from Mexico has slowed, there are still hundreds of thousands of illegals from Central and South America sneaking in annually.In these times of economic crisis, why should the American worker subsidize between 10 million and 15 million foreign nationals in our country illegally taking jobs, getting welfare, free health care and a free education?We cannot allow the trampling of our sovereignty by masses of cowards fleeing their homeland’s economic problems. We cannot continue playing Mother Teresa to the whole world and preserve our quality of life. May all the states follow the brave examples of Arizona, Georgia and Alabama, because illegal immigration is a cancer that’s rotting America at its very core.As for the other letter writer, if Craig Chisesi can find a farm job that pays $15 per hour for manual labor, I’ll be surprised.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

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