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Regarding the Mount Sopris vs. John Denver Peak proposal, I received a phone call from Lou Yost, executive director of the Domestic Geographic Names Committee, with preferred new contact information. His email is (his preference to contact him) and for newspaper clippings, etc., the fax number is (703) 648-4549 – a correction from my last letter.

Mr. Yost also stated that people should contact the Pitkin County Commissioners, as the Names Committee will contact them prior to making a decision on changing a peak on Mount Sopris to John Denver.

Gary Pax


The Aug. 4 Post Independent included an article referencing CSAP scores of various school districts within Garfield County. Focusing on Garfield School District 16, which includes Parachute and Battlement Mesa, results were “less encouraging.”

Perhaps the results might have been better had our taxpayer dollars been spent on classroom-related needs instead of providing Superintendent Ken Haptonstall with a bonus of $50,500 in addition to his well over $100,000-per-year salary.

Oh well, I’m sure he is enjoying having a very high paying position without any accountability to the people who are paying his salary and bonus.

John Seese


I agree that it is sad the gang members are taking over the parks.

I don’t think people should be scared. You see they, the gang members, are lazy. I know because I hung out with both SUR13 and MS13 in high school.

If people keep going to the parks, malls, movies and stores, the gang members won’t because then they would have an audience for their crimes, which they don’t want. If we show them they have the upper hand, then they take over.

So we as the general public need to show our numbers and be out in the public that we own.

Heidi Nunez


Why is it necessary to print ballots in any other language than English?

Isn’t that something that taxpayers should be asked to vote on? I don’t feel it is necessary to do that. After all, we are an English-speaking nation. I don’t believe they do that in other countries.

Jane Spaulding


I am replying to news article of Aug. 5, “Town board criticized for handling of contracts.”

I would like to thank the town of Carbondale for the sole fact that they are trying to keep the work that goes on here local. Everyone preaches about trying to keep all of the work that goes on local, yet time and time again we see companies from out of state and out of area taking that work.

Carbondale, keep it up and help the people who are here in our valley by keeping it local.

Mike Buster


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