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The top 10 percent own 80 percent of all stocks, and the top 20 percent are responsible for 40 percent of consumer spending. This needs to change.

Gregory Johnson

Glenwood Springs

Yes, leave Mount Sopris alone.

I concur with Ruth Perry. Name one of the Aspen peaks after John Deutschendorf.

Ruth Kirschbaum

Glenwood Springs

Ross Talbott has attacked teachers in these pages before, but his Aug. 9 column purports to have intimate knowledge of what goes on in my classroom and others like it. I feel I must defend my profession and public education as a whole.

I am offended that he refers to my lessons as propaganda. My job as a science teacher is to present factual information, based on rigorous investigation and repeatable experimentation.

In the course of scientific study, students will frequently encounter topics that people ignorant of the scientific process have turned into “controversial” issues. My students are always encouraged to form original ideas and express their opinions freely. Students are never evaluated based on their opinions, only on their use of proper scientific methodology to support their ideas.

All teachers, regardless of content area, strive to teach creative thinking, problem-solving skills, critical interpretation of information, and open-mindedness towards different perspectives and cultures.

Public education standards for each content area are easily found online, and you’ll find no evidence of propaganda within them.

In this letter I have chosen not to address the ignorance demonstrated by Mr. Talbott on the topics of climate change, geology, evolution and biofuels. However, I have experience teaching each of these subjects, and would be happy to tutor him privately if he is willing to open his mind and expand his knowledge of the natural world.

This might also have the added benefit of helping him get to know a public school teacher. We are a hard-working bunch who want only to help children achieve their goals and become positive contributors to society.

Public education is not a perfect institution, but no one is working harder to improve it than those who work in the profession. Teachers have taken a lot of heat in the media, but I encourage everyone to get involved in their local schools and get to know the people who work there. I think you’ll find that the problems are complex and educators are most often doing a remarkable job.

Rob Norville

New Castle

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