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I am glad that the Glenwood Springs City Council showed some sanity in the current debate about plastic bags.

First of all, who says these bags are single use? I reuse them many times before finally throwing them away. I usually carry one with me in case I have to pick up a couple of items at the store.

Secondly, why not encourage the use of paper bags? You can get the equivalent of at least two plastic bags into one paper bag. They will also decompose, unlike plastic.

Third, cloth bags are unsanitary. There was a study released about a month ago that reported that they are quite germy. I would also be concerned about handles tearing off the bag or ripping off entirely (probably with eggs in the bag). These bags just don’t hold as much as a paper bag.

Fourth, why are you going to punish a visitor to our area who runs into the store to purchase a few items? It is already expensive to visit here. Why add to the cost?

Finally, where are the fees going to go? If I bring my own bags, will I get a credit for each one I bring in?

I hope the other towns in the valley that are thinking about this lunacy will drop it and concentrate on more important things, like providing basic services with the projected drop in property taxes in 2012.

Sharon Brenner


This is not one of those partisan or racial rants. It is a criticism of us, “we the people.” How did we allow the politicians in our nation’s capitol take over so many of the rights that should be vested in the individual states? The Washington cabal freely lays fiscally unsound burdens on the state coffers.

How did we give them the right to grant themselves immunity from participation in programs they foist on what they consider objects of their subjugation? Instead, they adopted pay raises and elite benefit programs for themselves that now appear unsustainable.

In the executive branch we have presidents and their extended families that assume royalty privileges, then have the audacity to ask their subjects to sacrifice so an economy they and their predecessors have devastated will recover, giving them additional funds to enlarge their power structure.

Congress and its so-called special committees criticize company executives for receiving exorbitant salaries, and then with the left hand give themselves high pay for limited hours and an extremely unwarranted retirement income for life. Some members even assume the privilege of having a U.S. Air Force airplane fly them back and forth to their home district on weekends and for recesses.

There are people who will read this and ask what I would propose to reverse the tide. I would have to answer that I don’t know. I wish a candidate for any office in the 2012 elections would come up with a solution to the problems in our nation’s power structure. As for the proposal that “we the people” tighten our belts, we don’t have a smaller notch to secure it.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

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