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I would like to congratulate the Glenwood Springs City Council for making the correct decision in voting down the proposed tax on plastic bags. Not only was it the correct decision, it was the “green” decision.

The facts surrounding plastic bags are lost because environmental groups have made them out to be eco-villains, when in fact plastic bags are greener than cotton bags, according to a study published this year by the U.K. Environment Agency.

The study, “Life cycle assessment of supermarket carrierbags: a review of the bags available in 2006” by Joanna Marchant, found that for each time a plastic bag is used, they are “almost 200 times less damaging to the climate than cotton bags and have less than one third of the CO2 emissions than paper bags.”

The study stated that in order to balance out the environmental impact of each plastic bag, consumers would have to use the same cotton bag 260 times or paper bags at least three times.

The report concluded that plastic bags have a “baseline global warming potential of 1.57kg CO2 equivalent, and a 1.4kg CO2 equivalent if used a second time for things such as trash liners, pet clean-up, or a return trip to the store.

The paper bag, on the other hand, would have to be reused four times to reach a 1.38kg CO2 equivalent. As for the politically correct Earth-saving cotton bag, you have to use it 171 times to reach the 1.57kg CO2 equivalent of a plastic bag.

Another fact lost in the discussion is that Kroger, the parent company to City Market, reports that plastic bag recycling is up 180 percent since 2007. The trend is the same at all national chains around the country that use plastic bags.

The bottom line is that our leaders need to do their homework and look at all the facts when making decisions on these types of proposals. Many people come forward with very good intentions but very few facts.

As we see every day, it is easy for politicians to stand up and scream at us, telling us how we should live and how we need to do the right thing even when they are clueless to the facts.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

I read the July 29 article on how Ms. Sherry Wilson was mistreated at the Ensignal store at the mall, and I have to say that I fully support Ensignal and Glenwood Springs Mall management.

The biggest and main reason why I support them? The pure and simple fact that Ensignal is not a Verizon store, they are a Verizon retailer. The difference? It is not owned or affiliated with Verizon in any way except that it sells Verizon products.

The closest Verizon store to our wonderful valley is in Grand Junction, most likely the store that Sherry Wilson talked to originally. Also, I give the Ensignal employee credit for not doing a credit card transaction over the phone, because I have no doubt that it is against company policy.

I support the mall management because I understand that if someone was picketing outside your business earlier that day, you would not want to allow them back into your business for assumption of what they might do.

Because I know this is a touchy subject for people, and I understand that not everyone wishes to write a letter to the editor to reply to something I say, if you wish to contact me, please email me at I check my email daily and promise to reply to all emails that I receive.

Michael Capraro


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