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Jack Blankenship’s letter of Aug. 14 expressed his displeasure at the hypocrisy of our Washington politicians. They are telling us to tighten our belts to get us out of the mess that they have created, while they continue to vote themselves raises and benefits and exclude themselves from having to suffer the consequences of their actions.Good for him. I am thoroughly disgusted as well as I watch the politicians in Washington belly up to the trough over and over again, while we serfs work harder and harder to supply them with the benefits and retirement fit for the royalty of the fiefdom that they have created. A goodly portion of the people in this country have spent their retirements trying to get through this recession. Unfortunately, they will now have to rely on the meager Social Security retirement program, unlike our fearless leaders who excluded themselves from Social Security and voted themselves a big fat retirement for life, even for those representatives who only serve four years at this part time job. These are the same irresponsible people who have raided that very program many times to pay for other messes, for which, in the real world, they would go to prison. Just ask Bernie Madoff. How is it that they are allowed to do these things to us and then have the gall to ask us to tighten our belts?When are we going to wake up? There is a solution in place. Vote every one of the vultures out of office and promise the same thing will happen to those who take their place if things don’t change. We need term limits to get rid of career politicians and we need new blood, people who believe that they are there to insure the future of this country, not just their own futures. We need people who believe that they should also have to live with the burdens that they create. Pray that God will send such people to serve. Become informed and vote. It is a right, a privilege and an obligation of every American.Cynthia ThomasGlenwood Springs

As was reported in the Post Independent on Aug. 16: Against the formal protests of the trustees of New Castle and Carbondale and against the unanimous vote of the Garfield County Planning & Zoning Commission, on Aug. 15 Garfield County commissioners Tom Jankovsky, John Martin and Mike Samson voted to officially change the status of the Comprehensive Plan 2030 (the county master plan) from “mandatory” to “advisory.”It was revealed in the BOCC public meeting: In 2009, Commissioner Jankovsky and his partners personally lost millions of dollars on the pending sale of Sunlight Mountain Resort, because the P&Z Commission recommended an application for 830 units in a high density condo project (linked to Jankovsky’s business holdings) be denied. Evidently the multi-million dollar sale was contingent upon Garfield County approving Jankovsky’s high density condo project at the foot of his ski lifts.The P&Z Commission recommended denial of Jankovsky’s high density application because of the inability of Four Mile Road (a two-lane mountain road that is subject to rock slides and flooding) to adequately handle the increased traffic and the response time for fire and ambulance emergency vehicles.Furthermore, during the meeting Commissioner John Martin stated to county senior planner Fred Jarman, “Consistency in the land use codes and rules and regulations of the county planning process is not the goal of the county commissioners.” Martin clearly stated the “the goals of commission change,” as if future applicants will be able to read the commissioner’s minds.In the meeting, Commissioner Mike Samson unequivocally stated, “If the voters disapprove of the county commissioners’ actions, the voters can elect someone else.”Commissioner Samson’s statement sounds to me like a self-fulfilling prophesy.Carl Mc WilliamsSilt

I was sorry to read Mary Boland’s column of Aug. 11, “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions should be our No. 1 priority.” Unfortunately she has bought into the man-made global warming hoax. I will not go into why she is wrong, but only direct the reader’s attention to Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom’s website This is his area of expertise. He has written an 80-page open letter to policy makers, “Disproofs of the Hypothesis of Unprecedented, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming: And Proofs that AGW is a Fraud.”I would hope that everyone reading this newspaper will log onto his website and discover for themselves the massive amount of evidence he presents. In the left column, along with tons of other related information, under the heading “Global Warming or Global Governance,” the web visitor will see an article titled “Global Green Dictatorship” that should open your eyes as well. It is time that we put this nefarious elite-perpetrated myth behind us. Steve CampbellGlenwood Springs

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