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Naming the eastern peak of Mount Sopris after John Denver is not that bad of an idea. However, why are people wanting to name it now rather than 10 years ago?

I think naming the peak closer to when he died would have been a better time period because there were more people who would have been more sentimental about him and would have voted to have the peak renamed.

Tripp Axtell


I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it has some points of interest for me. I think it is fine to honor someone like John Denver, a strong outspoken environmentalist and a man who had strong feelings about protecting and allowing nature to manage our wild lands.

However, the way we honor him might have consequences. I am guessing this argumentative position has already come up, but here it is again.

We are talking about a designated wilderness. This is a place that, once it is designated wilderness, it is to remain wild as is. Now those wishing to protect wilderness might be using the tactic of just being against anything that would change any part of that which would include changing, adding or taking away a name.

No matter, the whole thing should come down to what we think John Denver would want. Nobody can ask him, but I think I know what his answer would be. With what he did for the environment, I don’t think he would want that done.

Jim Childers

New Castle

Regarding the petition for naming a Sopris peak after John Denver, it’s kind of odd to me this has garnered so much energy lately. Indeed there is no such “minority opposition” as stated.

As someone who actually did know John, knows the difference between reality and image, has spent time and lived here for over 34 years, has met the person petitioning, and regardless of my respect for John’s amazing accomplishments, I strongly oppose the peak-naming based on one simple concept:

John would not have wanted a Sopris peak named after him. Vanity was not his purpose here, nor his message to the world. He didn’t even want the stupid Hollywood sidewalk star that fittingly celebrities must pay several thousand dollars for in order to paste themselves into something beneath our feet.

So those who are sort of blaming John for wanting this Sopris thing are off track and wasting negative energy criticizing him.

A side note: Despite all the goodness that poured out of John into our valley and all over the planet, it’s hard to believe and sad there are still people trying to ride on his coattails – trying to appear more “important” up the John Denver ladder than they are – a ladder only they perceive.

Did readers see those incredible Perseid meteors flying over Sopris in the moonlight?

Brenda Bell


I don’t know how the Post Independent has managed to find a columnist more whacky and extreme than Ross Talbott. James Kellogg is your new guy. Is it my imagination that the further west one goes in Garfield County, the crazier they get?

Ken Fry

Glenwood Springs

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