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The top seven exporters of oil to the U.S. are Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, Angola and Iraq.

It takes 11 million barrels of oil daily to supply fuel to the 124 million vehicles on our roads.

Because of on-going conflicts in Nigeria, production is down 15 percent. There has been no new investment in finding oil in Mexico or Venezuela where production is flat.

By 2012, the world will need 14 million more barrels a day to meet demand. Where will this come from?

If you expect fuel prices to decline, you are living in a dream world. Food prices will still rise over the next several years. Do you know that the average item on the grocery shelf travels 1,400 miles before it arrives there?

Hard times are here to stay.

I’ve been following oil for over 20 years. Ten years ago, oil was at $25 per barrel, only three years ago it was at $48 per barrel. Within the next two or so years, oil could reach $150+ dollars per barrel.

The future for the U.S. is not a pretty picture.

Harry Temple


I am so tired of hearing about how bad Mr. Corda is. The fact of the matter is he owns the property. As a property owner myself, I would do whatever was necessary to protect it, if that means cutting down trees, then that is what I would do. It doesn’t even matter why he did it, the fact is, he has the right to do it. If I want to dig up my entire yard all the way to bare dirt and then paint it purple, I can, because I own it.

The Glenwood Springs City Council needs to settle down about new legislation concerning tree cutting. Once anything is in writing, it will just be changed, misconstrued and ill-used. It will be the reason for more government involvement in everything that we own. There is enough government involvement already. It will get to the point that the government can tell what to plant, and when and how we should do it. We don’t need government-mandated lawn design.

I don’t think Ms. Hord would want someone telling her what she could and could not plant or cut on her own property.

I am sorry Ms. Hord lost her tree, but the point is, it actually was not her tree after all. If she wants to have a say in what stays and what goes, then she needs to spend her money to purchase a piece of land, and then she has the right to decide.

Stacie West

New Castle

I would like to address the response by Courtney Rose on the article about homeless people.

We do need to address this fact. It is a major problem. People who have feelings whatsoever would agree with me. If you don’t agree, put yourself in their situation for a week. It’s not good.

Also, a lot of people come to visit this town thinking it is a beautiful, great town. They don’t know we have problems. Let’s try to make this a peaceful town like everybody says. If we are worried about every other problem in the world, why just ignore this one?

How dare Courtney Rose speak out against this problem.

Let’s try to work together to fix this problem of homeless people. Let’s help these people to be healthy, well-fed, and well-rested people.

Kylem Nichols

Glenwood Springs Middle School

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