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Why is it that seniors only receive just a fraction of what they have paid into Social Security, yet our congressmen only have to serve one year to receive a full pension?

Our servicemen and women who serve us all only get 50 percent of their pension after being wounded and are unable to work.

Congress has managed to deplete Social Security because at one time it was the only account they hadn’t been able to spend like drunken sailors.

Did I hear anyone in Congress saying they needed to pay it back? No, all I have heard is in order to pay for two wars and in order to pay back Social Security, we need to either raise taxes, borrow more money or both.

I think we need to get rid of Congress and the president and start over.

Jane Spaulding


I was saddened and horrified to learn of the accident recently on Highway 82 near Buffalo Valley. A young woman was killed when a logging truck broadsided her vehicle.

Am I the only one who has watched these log trucks speeding down our freeways and roads? Am I the only person who has noticed how high the logs are stacked on these rickety old trucks and how they sway as they travel?

I travel frequently toward Denver and points east on I-70 and I have encountered these trucks. I have had their drivers pass me when I am going 75 mph. I have had them get right on my rear bumper coming through Glenwood Canyon and I’ll admit I’m going 60 mph at times.

Recently I had two trucks play cat and mouse with me on I-70 just outside of Eagle. The first guy passed me going well over the speed limit with that top-heavy load rocking back and forth. The second guy was gunning it and starting to pass me when I opted to “escape” at the Gypsum exit rather than be frightened again. I mean it, these trucks are frightening.

There is no doubt in my mind their trucks would not be able to stop quickly, for any reason, with the heavy loads and the speeds at which they travel.

Cheri Brandon

Glenwood Springs

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