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This letter is motivated by the Post Independent editorial of Aug. 26 about the recent Garfield County commissioners’ decision to water down the county’s comprehensive plan 2030. While I totally understand the need to encourage business, I wonder about the perceived power these commissioners award themselves.

I communicated with all three Garfield County Commissioners shortly after they took office. This, readers may remember, is when their first order of business to was to declare that prayer was now going to begin each meeting. Although I personally believe in prayer, I do get a bit touchy when people of any group dictate it. I also did not recall any of the commissioners informing us of this declaration while they were running for office.

Admittedly being a bit sensitive to the general arrogance and abuse of power being showcased at the federal level, I felt a bit put off by this declaration. I felt that with all the problems we as a county and a nation have, and all the special interests that are affecting our elected officials, this declaration of prayer at commissioners’ meetings was just not necessary and a bit concerning.

In conversations and emails with the commissioners I met a solid wall of defense. Not only was I informed that they were just emulating what goes on at the state and federal level, enough to make one cringe, I was lectured by Mr. Martin about how we are a “republic” and not a “democracy”. Ouch!

Although I understand the concept of the republic, I was disappointed in this response.

For the record, when speaking with state Sen. Jean White, R-Hayden, about state meetings, she informed me that there was, in fact, a prayer, but it was conducted before the meeting began. Those who wished to participate could, and those who did not feel the need to pray with elected officials, when they were there to discuss something such as a property issue, had the courtesy of entering after the prayer.

When I mentioned this to the commissars, oops, commissioners, it fell on deaf ears. Remember at election time. Long live the republic!

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

Garfield Re-2 wants a mill levy override? This is asking the voters to vote down the TABOR amendment that they passed with a large majority telling the government in charge that enough is enough.

Ask us, the voters, if we feel the school district really needs to increase taxes in the amount it is wanting, and give us some darn good reasons for that position. We will then take a good look at what the district wants and decide if our economy is strong enough to support those wants.

The teachers and their aides, the kitchen staff and the maintenance people – these are the ones being told they will have to take a pay cut or work as volunteers.

How many unnecessary administrative assistants have been retained with no cut in wages or given a CSL increase? The administrators and assistants don’t have “hands on” experience teaching the children.

Where are our priorities? I witnessed a party for all Re-2 and their spouses in Grand Junction with lodging for the night included. This was courtesy of the taxpayers. Is this one place spending could be cut?

We definitely need to vote down another tax increase, as we have done before.

Maybe it is time to vote out the long-time members of the school board and get some community-minded members in.

The Rifle City Council election is coming. That is another situation where we need to replace the old members with new. Fresh ideas from fresh minds would be refreshing.

Jan Walker


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