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It’s amazing how many pro-capitalist humans are fine with corporations as people, too, yet don’t believe corporations should have the same obligations to pay personal income tax free of corporate loopholes, or pay penalties for massive criminal behavior and tax evasion.

How can it be free enterprise when it is taxpayer subsidized?

Those who believe corporations are people, too, follow a logic that corporations deserve special rights over humans. However, not all corporations are created equal. Just ask small business owners how much they pay in taxes by similar ratios, as compared to GE, Halliburton or Monsanto.

It’s the same logic that confederate slave owners used to rationalize enslaving other humans. It was a means to preserve personal entitlements and wealth with human labor under the auspices of protecting statehood and individual liberty. Women’s suffrage was just a liberal notion.

No surprise, our first Supreme Court ruling setting a precedent for “corporate personhood” was established in 1868 by a Santa Clara business owner. Fast forward 143 years, and our new slave owner is a taxpayer subsidized, constitutionally protected, multi-national corporation, designed to enslave regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

Under the “corporate personhood” logic, should corporations have the same right to marry under God, or the human right to adopt children?

Imagine supporting an ideology giving the U.S. Army’s corporate-owned Edgewood Chemical Biological Center – or any bioengineering research and cloning facility – the right to adopt children? Corporate persons, like Monsanto, already own patented rights to life in their GMO seeds.

Regardless of how humans try to label, package or hide behind artificial identities, the intent is always subordination by discrimination; believing some persons are more equal than others. A system that subordinates lower undesirable classes to the wealthy is using people for their profits.

Giving corporate persons human rights is an abomination. It’s a disregard for the creator in the order of divine creation. When we elevate artificial corporate entities to human status, we’re simply supporting systemic subordination with artificial entities more omnipotent than the humans who created them.

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

I’m one of the legion of patriots who are suddenly aware, alert and involved in the political arena, given the disastrous state of our blessed union.

As such, I attended the meeting on controversial changes to the comprehensive plan for the county which was, by the way, publicized for all interested parties (even though it was a bit early for at least one late-comer who was an admitted ‘would-a, could-a’ protester, if only they had waited for him to arrive).

Guess what? There was no protest. Post Independent reporter John Colson forgot to mention that in his front page report. (I have often chastised him on his slanted reporting, but to no avail.)

No one objected to the vote. The commissioners were ready to postpone the vote until the county’s attorney advised them to proceed if they wished to do so. After discussion, they agreed to go ahead with the vote.

If this is such an outrage, where, oh where, were the protesters?

Just thought a little balance might be appropriate as it continues to be a missing – but necessary – element to legitimate reporting.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

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