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When Henry Ford started assembly line production of automobiles in 1908, he decided to pay his workers $5 a day. That was double the going rate at the time. When asked why he was paying his workers so much, he replied that he wanted them to be able to buy the cars they were making. He understood that a prosperous middle class was essential to his success.

For the last decade, the middle class in America has been under attack. Since the elections of 2010, the Tea Party Republicans have intensified that attack.

In Wisconsin, they passed a bill to strip workers’ rights from public employees. The voters responded by successfully recalling two Republican state senators. In Ohio, the anti-worker legislation passed is now before the voters in a recall election this fall.

Everywhere that Tea Party Republicans gained control of state governments, they have attacked working people, while giving big tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations. Their draconian budget cuts have required layoffs of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public employees, actually increasing unemployment.

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After attending Third Congressional District Rep. Scott Tipton’s town hall meeting in Pueblo, it is clear to me that he will be supporting the uncompromising line of the Tea Party. Regardless of merit, he will oppose anything and everything that President Obama or the Democrats propose to improve the economy, reduce unemployment or rebuild America’s crumbling infastructure.

Rich Moyer


The editorial cartoons printed in the Aug. 29 edition were well selected and enjoyed except for the Oliphant cartoon.

Oliphant draws some good ones, but his depiction of a presidential candidate as descending from a level of apes is in bad taste. It can be classified as racist.

It certainly would not have been drawn to depict the Democrat candidate in the last presidential election or Herman Cain in this one. Even Garry Trudeau, the author of Doonesbury, would not stoop so low.

In my humble opinion, Oliphant has used an extremely poor picturization in an attempt to get his points across. He may be depending on shock value to continue his career. However, I depend on the Post Independent to use discretion when selecting the content of the newspaper.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

People who are covered by health insurance, beware.

Did you know that a routine screening is paid in full, but a diagnostic screening is not paid until your deductible is met. The procedure is virtually the same. It’s one little word that will determine what your benefit will be.

Doctors can’t advise a patient what terms to use. Hospitals bill according to the doctor’s prescription. A consumer is left in the middle of wordplays, codes and runarounds.

I learned the hard way. I didn’t know that I had to make sure our doctor used the word “routine” in his records. Now I have to pay a $2,500 deductible.

Understanding what is being prescribed, what the benefits are and what your responsibility is doesn’t seem to be enough.

Patients need to be a wordsmith and just maybe they’ll receive the service that their outrageous premiums are supposed to honor.

Janell Senteney


This is a quick note to those who took my photography gear, binoculars and other items out of my truck a couple weeks ago on Battlement Mesa. This is the second time in one year that items have been taken from my truck or garage.

I have been taking photographs for a lot of years now, and have shared a few with the Post Independent. Thanks to this person’s lack of consideration, and their willingness to take property that I have spent years acquiring, I will now have to start over.

The thing this person may not know is that my wife got laid off a couple months ago, and that nice truck from which the items the items were stolen just had a $4,500 motor put into it on credit. My insurance has a $500 deductible and replaced just over $110 towards the items stolen.

Speaking to the thief, I say next time you want to steal, please knock on my door and maybe we can talk about what you would like. Maybe I could find you a job. Maybe you could take time out from stealing and try the new camera gear you got and tell me how it works for you. You know my address, of course. From reading the sheriff’s activity log of that area over the past month, you have been busy.

If anyone out there knows who might be taking what’s not theirs and would like me to have my life’s passion back, please contact the sheriff’s office and tell them. I just want my camera stuff back, please.

What was stolen: a camo camera bag, two Canon lenses, several filters, a lens cleaning kit, specialized filters, and Canon 30d batteries.

In hope this thief knows how much they destroyed inside of me by doing this.

Kevin Warford


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