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Call it a tax, fee, fine, penalty, surcharge, contribution, assessment or mill levy – it is still a tax. And the objective of government, at all levels, has become to take as much as it can from anyone who has anything left.

Federal-level examples of proposed or actual new government takings include:

1. A 5 percent national sales tax as proposed by Obama’s chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Alan Krueger.

2. A 1 percent transaction fee on all financial transactions, including every deposit or withdrawal made, every check written, every stock or mutual fund purchase or sale, and even your Social Security check and IRS refund check deposits.

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3. The Obamacare penalty beginning in 2013.

4. A huge carbon tax imposed by EPA regulations, which will cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket,” as Obama promised during the 2008 campaign.

At the state level, the following are some of the tax increases our elected officials have in mind for us:

1. Proposition 103, Colorado’s school tax hike measure, is on the ballot to raise $3 billion by increasing state sales and use taxes from 2.9 percent to 3 percent, a 3 1⁄2 percent increase, and raising individual and corporate income tax rates from 4.63 percent to 5 percent, a whopping 8 percent increase.

2. Higher income taxes for the “rich.”

3. Enactment of a state property tax.

4. Imposing a new 2.9 percent personal service sales tax on every service received. Currently taxes are levied on goods but not services.

Locally, the Roaring Fork Re-1 School District has a mill levy override measure on November’s ballot to raise $4.8 million, thereby maintaining property taxes at inflated housing bubble peak prices, or about 30 percent higher than 2007 pre-peak levels.

If you believe the government is entitled to more of our dwindling resources resulting from stagnant or shrinking income, combined with escalating inflation, thereby reducing our purchasing power, then vote for Proposition 103 and the mill levy override.

If you believe that the government should share in the sacrifice, then vote no on Proposition 103 and the mill levy override.

Leon Garot

Glenwood Springs

Good story in the Sept. 4 Post Independent about Cathy Zimney’s trip to Hawaii.

I made a similar trip in 1986 as crew aboard a 36-foot Engleman ketch. We sailed by moonlight from Sausalito, Calif., under the Golden Gate Bridge, and out into the purple Pacific, as Ms. Zimney puts it, headed for Hilo.

We made the trip in 16 days, thanks to a square-sail and raffee, which rocked us like a cradle on the tradewinds. Our captain, too, missed Lanai, and we thought we’d be lost for days.

The best experience? At the helm across the Molokai Channel into Honolulu. Puts airplane travel to shame, doesn’t it? Thanks for the memories.

Amy Hadden Marsh

Glenwood Springs

Has anybody else noticed that U.S. Sen. Mark Udall has shifted into a campaign mode for the 2016 presidential nomination?

Just watch his increased involvement in a growing number of issues without regard to any impact on Colorado. It’s called name recognition and building up IOU’s for a future national campaign. Mark my words – you saw it here first.

Just sayin’.

Robert J. Richardson


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