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Has anyone else noticed that the gas price is higher in Parachute and Battlement Mesa than in Silt, New Castle, or Glenwood Springs? Why is that, I wonder?

Don’t say that it is more costly to deliver to Parachute and Battlement Mesa, or because gasoline has to be shipped over the mountains from Denver.

Silt and New Castle are closer to Glenwood Springs and to a resort (Sunlight) and closer to more tourist attractions (Glenwood Caverns and Glenwood Hot Springs Pool).

In my opinion, someone is price-gouging the residents of Parachute and Battlement Mesa. The Silt gas price is $3.72, New Castle gas price is $3.72, Parachute and Battlement Mesa residents are paying $3.87. That is a 15-cent price difference. This is an outrage. It is also unethical and immoral. Someone has some explaining to do.

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Linda Castillo


Mary Elizabeth and Chris Geiger mention 24 to 25 students to a class in their Sept. 12 letter to the editor.

My first grade class had 34 students (granted this was 1960), and I thought we fared rather well. Of course, we all spoke the same language, so extra resources were not required for extracurriculars like simple communication. There was also probably sufficient funding, as most of the parents paid taxes, such as property taxes.

Debi Carlen

New Castle

I write in regard to recent letters regarding a Re-1 mill levy override.

The majority of educators in this county and this state are liberals. Our state’s two U.S. senators are Democrats. Those who voted for Obama created this problem, so live with it. They should have weighed the consequences before casting their vote.

I, along with everybody else in this county, am trying to make ends meet.

Obama did not measure up to the challenge. His resume was thinner than toilet paper, which means toilet paper was worth more than Obama’s resume.

Would you have hired a teacher with no experience to be your superintendent of schools? Would you have allowed a surgeon with no experience to operate on you? Would you fly on a 747 with a pilot with no experience? Of course you wouldn’t. So why did people vote for Obama?

If the Roaring Fork School District needs more money, here’s a suggestion. Take out your checkbook and write them a check. The rest of us have no more money to give. No more handouts.

Live within your budget. And that’s the end of the story.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

I watched the Tea Party debates on Sept. 12 and I was appalled. Though I am a Democrat, I know several Republicans well. We may disagree on philosophy, but I find them to be good, decent people.

I refuse to believe that the majority of Colorado Republicans would cheer the death of the hypothetical young man in a coma because he had no insurance. The views expressed by the candidates were so extreme, I can’t help but feel that the Republican Party has been hijacked by the Tea Party.

If the Tea Party had held a debate before the 2010 elections and showcased their radical views, Colorado would not have ended up with four Tea Party congressmen.

There is always the chance that they were elected because of the lavish amount of money spent on campaign ads by the super PACs. That would explain why U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, sponsored House Resolution 1074 to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 10 percent.

Rich Moyer


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