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Unless columnist Ross Talbott considers the oil and gas industry to be a predator, I respectfully suggest he was wrong in his Sept. 13 column.

Please view the following link to a news report on a peer-reviewed study showing game loss due to oil and gas development:

Study: Energy boom hurting deer, antelope herds

The article states, “Biologists dismiss claims from some area residents who believe coyotes and other predators are responsible for the decline in mule deer and pronghorn populations.”

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The Ogden Standard-Examiner reported on a study by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership at

The article states, “Since energy production began in the mule deer habitat, there has been a 60 percent decline in the population of the Pinedale Anticline in southwestern Wyoming over the past 10 years.”

And the online Colorado Independent reported on findings from the Bull Moose Sportsmans Alliance at

Two quotes from the report:

“Annual spending by Colorado sportsmen is 2.5 times more than the combined revenues of the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets ($1.2 billion vs. $463 million), according to a study conducted by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.”

“So for those out West planning to hunt and fish over the long weekend, perhaps they should think twice about eating what they catch or hunt. After all, all that stuff has to go somewhere.”

Oil and gas or hunting. Whaddya gonna do, sports fans?

Fiona Lloyd


Come on everybody, let’s tell the powers that be that we do not want a tax on our plastic bags. It is wrong.

I recycle my bags and don’t want to pay extra for them. If I don’t get them with my groceries I’ll have to buy them. So just how is that going to stop bag consumption?

This is a tax that is not legal and another way the government is trying to control the little guy. There are sure a lot more wasteful things going on then a few plastic bags. What about all the private jets? The heated driveways and decks? The gas guzzler cars? Tax them instead.

Leave the little guy alone. I’m going to do my shopping downvalley or in stores that don’t have a bag fee. This bag tax will hurt the store’s bottom line. It’s time the lawmakers got their heads on straight and left the businesses and their customers alone.

Linda Hayes

Glenwood Springs

I am so tired of reading columnist Ross Talbott preach his Christian way, and then in his Sept. 13 column he complained that we environmentalists are not allowing him to kill animals.

Gee-whiz, what did nature do before human hunters were around to manage wildlife?

Maybe Mr. Talbott needs to build a more secure chicken coop.

And yes, animals, including the human ones, should have legal rights, a right to live, just like Mr. Talbott. I’m sure God told him it was OK to kill any wild animal that is a predator.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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