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The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once remarked that “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Local columnist Ross Talbott seems blissfully unaware this might apply to him.

His latest diatribe of Sept. 14 is as delusional as ever. Disney “totally messed up” our perception of nature by anthropomorphizing animals in tales designed to entertain children. Stupid animal lovers would have animals suing one another. It’s because of wolves and mountain lions that he didn’t get to shoot a deer last year. Humans destroying deer habitat in countless ways had nothing to do with it.

In Talbott’s view, nature apparently intends deer (and everything else) exclusively for human purposes. Those lawless predators are eating deer that he paid to kill.

Talbott makes up facts as he goes along so that he can pick fights with animal lovers, wolves and Walt Disney in a single column. He is unable to deduce logical conclusions even from the facts he makes up. He arrogantly assigns himself his share of nature’s bounty without any regard for other species.

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His inevitable answer to those who hold views contrary to his own is to ridicule and denigrate them. It is difficult indeed to accurately characterize this man without running afoul of the Post Independent’s civility rules.

I have often wondered why the Post Independent, a generally responsible publication, continues providing a platform for Talbott. Two possibilities have occurred to me.

Perhaps it is in part because the editorial staff wishes to give all its readers a voice and sadly, Talbott’s cranky, intellectually limited rants are in sync with a sizable portion of them. Less flatteringly, it may be in part because he is one of the richer and more influential people in Garfield County, and canceling his column could be financially detrimental to this small newspaper.

It is certainly not because he offers something constructive to our troubled society.

Ron Kokish


Yes, even the people in Aspen are putting the brakes, so to speak, on this idea that we need to ban all plastic bags at the market.

How many tourists fill a cart at Carbondale City Market? How many times have you gone to City Market after Labor Day weekend and watched in-state as well as out-of-state hunters fill many carts full of groceries? I just watched a gentlemen fill a grocery cart yesterday with groceries and he had many plastic bags.

Most everyone I know uses and reuses these bags. Not all of us live close to the Doggie Park and can snatch bags for doggie doo.

At any rate, some of the letters in The Aspen Times are threatening to get rid of their City Council. All of the people who got up to pat the Carbondale Trustees on the back for even thinking about doing this ban, I have never even heard of. I wonder how long they have lived here?

I am not saying it’s a bad idea to stop using plastic. The reasoning is that it uses a lot of energy to make these items.

But there is one thing that hasn’t been mentioned. If you are going to ban plastic bags, then ban the plastic that the market sells water in. It takes a lot more energy to make the plastic water bottles than it takes to make the plastic grocery bags. Look it up. How many of you use plastic water bottles? Something to think about.

Jane Spaulding


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