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Saturday, May 10, you printed a letter by Mr. Stanley Rachesky titled, “Federally run health system not the answer.”Mr. Rachesky wrote, “High quality health care means instituting a combination of public and private sector programs … ” Isn’t that the system we have now – Medicare and Medicaid and a plethora of private sector health insurance plans? It doesn’t work very well. There are too many people left out. Too many children, too many working poor left out.Mr. Rachesky admits that Canada and Europe have free health care. But it isn’t free he says, because they pay high taxes for their care. Yes, and they pay them so they can all have health care … they share.Sharing was the idea that sparked insurance. Share the risk! In a given community, some people will contract disease – most won’t. If all chip in to pay the medical bills of the diseased ones, no one will be overburdened. So they share.Universal health care works. Government gathers taxes and pays the medical bills of everyone – infants, children, adults, everyone. Canada does, Europe does, it can be done.The costs of operating the many health insurance companies will be saved. The high cost of medications will be lowered dramatically when the government bargains for huge quantities of medications. The cost of health care will fall.Mr. Rachesky ends his letter thus: “My solution to health care – eliminate co-pay, offer only catastrophe insurance – $5,000 deductible, greatly limit medical liability, and when you need medical care, pay for it out-of-pocket. The free market system will bring down costs and result in affordable health care.”What does one do when he is dropped by Enron or similar, his investments gone, his pension gone, and nothing in his pocket but bills? That’s the problem for many right now – not enough in their pockets to pay for health care. Single-payer universal health care is the answer.Let’s share.Peter LarroweEl Jebel

If you’ve ever wondered what you can really do to protect the environment in a meaningful way, I’ve got an answer for you.If your electricity comes from Holy Cross Energy, you will be getting a ballot in the mail in the next week to elect two new members to the board of directors. Don’t throw it out!This election is an opportunity to help make Holy Cross – already remarkably progressive when it comes to clean energy – even more so.There are two candidates for the board who support increasing Holy Cross’s supply of renewable energy in order to ensure stable, fair prices, reliable supply, and a clean environment. They know that as natural gas prices spike, our utilities bills will continue to go up, since a portion of our electricity is generated with natural gas. As inevitable carbon dioxide regulations kick in, the price of coal-fired power will also rise. Lynn Dwyer, from the New Castle region, and David Campbell, from the Eagle region both support clean power, stable prices, and energy efficiency to help you keep utility bills in check and protect the environment. They are young, enthusiastic, and ready for the job. Please vote for Lynn and David for the Holy Cross Board. It’s the most important thing you’ll do for the environment this spring. Auden SchendlerBasalt

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