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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

As the banality of letters to the editor increases in volume and rancor, there is no comment or concern voiced for the following:

Our capitalistic system has been hijacked.

• The top 400 richest Americans own more assets (money) than the bottom 150 million.

• We rank 23rd in infrastructure investment. Most sadly, 28th in Internet costs and available bandwidth. Our local government thinks this is inconsequential and without effect. China, Korea, Japan, in fact everyone else, disagrees.

We are in poor health and are fat, getting fatter.

• We rank 24th in life expectancy, yet we pay roughly 150 percent of countries ranking higher.

• Sixty-three percent of us are either overweight or obese (with obesity growing) at a direct cost of $147 billion per year.

We are not very clever.

• Our kids rank 31st in education level (mostly lost in math and science). We produce 70,000 engineers per year; China produces 600,000.

• Thirty-nine percent of us do not believe in evolution and think a mandatory move forward is to stop teaching it in schools.

But we are safe from anyone who wants to raise an army and attack us.

• We are spending $700 billion a year in military spending, more than the next 43 ranked countries combined.

Go Tea Party and vocally insulting Republicans. I mean, go, take a break.

Michael Weinstein

Glenwood Springs

Earlier this year, the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee held its first hearing on the 2012 Farm Bill. This bill is incredibly important to Colorado, which counts on agriculture and rural enterprise as key drivers of our state’s economy.

As Congress begins to review the laws that govern America’s food and rural policy, I will fight to ensure Colorado has a seat at the table. That’s why I asked to serve on the Agriculture Committee in the Senate and why I spent much of August traveling across the state, listening to ideas on how we can ensure this bill will meet the needs of our agricultural producers and our rural communities. But the conversation is just beginning.

I’m inviting all Coloradans to identify their top Farm Bill priorities and share their experiences with me through an online survey available on my website at farmbill. I will use the information collected through this survey to help guide my work on behalf of Colorado’s farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

The Farm Bill offers a unique opportunity to spur new business development and protect Colorado’s land and water, and I look forward to working with you to construct a Farm Bill that supports the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of rural Colorado.

U.S. Sen. Michael F. Bennet


I received a flu shot last week, and it was sure convenient to be able to get it at the grocery store. I must admit though, it was very embarrassing getting a shot in the store aisles with other shoppers milling around. Next year I’m going to have them give me the shot in my arm.

(Just kidding!)

Jim Drolet

Glenwood Springs

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