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When I open up my electric bill from Xcel Energy, I often chuckle at the propaganda they put out regarding the savings on electricity. They tout the fact that you need to change your light bulbs out to save big bucks. Well, we did that, and it didn’t save 10 cents.

Be sure and buy all of these energy saving appliances. We did that, and we didn’t save anything.

No matter what you do, you can’t save any money because they would be losing 10 cents if you did.

If you have you looked at your bill lately, it has doubled and tripled in price. Xcel has so many itemized costs that it makes your head spin. If you call them to complain that they are out of control on billing, they will send you this little brochure with ways of reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. What a joke.

There is no savings with them. They just keep raising the prices up and up. When I ask why they keep raising their prices, they say its because we have to buy the electricity from another place, not another country, but another state.

Then they tell you that their Investors have to have so much money in dividends, too. Their investors must be able to retire quite nicely off of all the money that Xcel Energy pays them. I just wonder how many kids you and I are sending to college for the CEO and the investors?

Jane Spaulding


Bruno Kirchenwitz stated in his Sept. 18 letter to the editor that he is not voting for the mill levy because “everyone is feeling the effects of this economy, and teachers are no better than the rest of us.”

However, what Mr. Kirchenwitz is not realizing is that teachers have felt the burden of the economy. In the last two years, teachers have had their salaries frozen, and this year, teachers had their salaries cut. In the past three years, students haven’t seen a new book or had access to new technology.

Of deeper significance, passing the mill levy is more about the kids in the Roaring Fork Valley than the teachers.

Here are the scary statistics: next year the state is forecasting a $300 million cut to K-12 education, which would definitely translate to an additional multi-million dollar cut for the Roaring Fork School District.

If the mill levy doesn’t pass, class sizes could be as large as 30 to 40 kids in a classroom, more high school sports will be cut, schools may be forced to shut down, art, music, and technology may no longer be an option for our students.

If the mill levy doesn’t pass, anything and everything could be on the chopping block. The Roaring Fork School District has tightened its belt. It has worked hard to make sure the hardship of the economy doesn’t impact students. However, if this mill doesn’t pass, students will feel the impact.

Pass the mill levy, vote for our kids, and say yes on 3E.

Charity Ullrich

Glenwood Springs

Taxpayers, a mill levy override is factually a permanent property tax increase.

Please don’t let the words fool you.

Marty Lich


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