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As an educator and a parent with children at Crystal River Elementary School, I urge everyone to vote yes on 3E. Due to cuts required by the state of Colorado, our district funding has been cut by $5.1 million. If 3E passes, we can recover $4.8 million of these cuts.

Before taking time away from the classroom to care for my young children, I worked for two years as the math coach for Crystal River Elementary School. For many years prior to that I was a fifth-grade teacher in the Roaring Fork District.

Since my time in the classroom, funding pressures have increased and it has become more difficult for the district to fund coaching and mentoring positions within our local schools. After years of carefully nipping at the budget, trying to maintain teacher positions in order to keep class sizes small, Re-1 was forced to cut 15 teacher positions last year.

As a result, teacher-student ratios have increased. In addition, classroom budgets for art teachers and other specialists have been greatly reduced. Next year will see this abysmal trend continue if we don’t vote yes on 3E.

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We have thoughtful and skilled teachers in our schools. By passing 3E, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our collective support for these people. Teachers deserve salary increases and kids deserve to have small classes as well as funded art, music and physical education programs.

By passing 3E, we can ensure that class sizes stay manageable, that field trips continue to occur, that kids get PE, art and music and that teachers get the salary increases that they deserve.

By adopting 3E, we are showing teachers that we value them and the work that they do for our children every day. Vote for our schools! Vote yes on 3E.

Sacha Logan


I’m trying hard to figure out where to go with my frustration and anger that a business and a family that has supported and promoted the library for so many years could be so totally snubbed.

Mr. T’s Hardware and Building Supply has been in New Castle since 2000 and is owned by our family, which has been in the New Castle area since 1957. In that time our family and our businesses have given substantial time, money and support to the library, going clear back to digging the foundation for the current New Castle library building.

I am struggling currently with how this New Castle building can go through such a substantial remodel on taxpayer dollars and never once solicited a bid or even visited the lumberyard that you can almost see from their front door. This makes me want to reconsider any future support, although I know that that would only injure the innocent.

This is the second publicly-funded building built in the last couple of years that Mr. T’s Hardware and Building Supply has, for some reason, been excluded from.

It seems substantially counterproductive to a small town that struggles to make ends meet to exclude from the publicly-funded projects the local businesses that contribute substantially to their support – not to mention the open bidding process that could have saved the taxpayers money. Makes it hard to survive, much less keep smiling.

Russell Talbott

New Castle

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