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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

This is in response to Russell Talbott’s letter of Sept. 25 regarding the the construction at the library in New Castle.

Mr. Talbott should know that in order to get any sort of work or supply materials for the New Castle Library, vendors need to contact the general contractors during the bidding process. That happens prior to the general contractor getting their contract to do the work.

I have been in the construction business for years and have known this since I started in the industry.

I have bid on projects with the contractor for the New Castle Library. All it takes is a phone call to the contractor to get the the plans and to place a bid with them.

With the way the economy is now, vendors need to be proactive in order to get work or to supply material for the jobs that are going on in the area today. Nobody is going to walk in to a store and ask for materials after they have gotten competitive bids from people who have supplied them with the costs prior to the awarding of the contract.

Please don’t think that because Mr. T’s is a local supplier that jobs will come to you. It just does not happen anymore. Vendors need to be a little more aggressive in their business plan in order to get these jobs now.

The blame goes on being lackadaisical in today’s economy and not reaching out to potential customers, as opposed to having someone give you their money after the bidding process and the costs have already been submitted and approved by the entities that control the property.

In other words, get your feet on the street and stay off of the Lazy Boy if you don’t want to miss the boat. The only person that Mr. Talbott can blame for not getting any work from the library project is himself.

Christian Dusold


Thanks to the Post Independent for informing the community about a very disturbing situation in the Sept. 21 article: “Carbondale school cop accused of racial profiling; advocacy group wants him gone.”

While I appreciate that some members of the community have had positive experiences with Officer Agon, that should in no way discount the numerous and compelling accounts by students, parents and siblings about their personal encounters with him both in and outside of the schools.

At the very least, school and town officials owe it to the students who do have concerns to listen respectfully and openly to these complaints. Once they are heard, I think it will be impossible for them to continue to ignore the fact that Officer Agon’s dual roles as a school resource officer and ICE enforcer have damaged his credibility, effectiveness and the trust of too many families for him to continue to serve as an SRO.

Lani Shaw


Oh my, ignorance is rampant. It is irrational not to believe in evolution.

Rational is to carefully examine all the scientific evidence and draw a conclusion, irrational is to blindly accept “beliefs.”

I’m afraid Post Independent columnist Ross Talbott doesn’t understand the difference.

There is so much fossil evidence that has been found over the years supporting evolution that a person would have to have their head in the sand not to recognize it. Truly, the human being is amazing. Part of it is our ability to rationally recognize our history.

Bob Lucas


Imagine a bank robbery. There stand the robbers with guns drawn. The tellers are behind the counter with their hands in the air. “Give us all the money,” say the robbers.

But the tellers say, “No, we can’t give you this money. This money belongs to the depositors. They have worked long and hard for this money and we have promised to keep it safe.”

The robbers in turn say, “Too bad, we have promised our mob bosses (campaign contributors) to get this dough.”

The tellers reply, “But those guys are already rich. Why do they need more?”

And the robbers say, “Because they want it all.”

Mayhem ensues.

The next day the papers give us the story: “Yesterday the First National Trust experienced mayhem. Unfortunately a lack of bipartisanship, evidenced by a failure of the tellers to compromise, led to a bank shutdown. Compromise, after all, is the ‘grease’ of bank robberies (politics). We believe it is essential that bank tellers and bank robbers resolve their differences.”

As ridiculous as this rendition may seem, it is exactly the current state of politics and media analysis.

Republicans have orchestrated continuous reductions in tax revenues from giant corporations and the wealthiest Americans in income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains.

Bush did two wars without a nickel of extra tax raised. I think the Revolutionary War was the last time that happened. You didn’t a get a tax bill for Iraq? We’ll let our kids pay the bill; because that’s the kind of people we (really) are.

To add insult to injury, they gutted the IRS tax collection division to make sure their fat cats wouldn’t get audited.

I don’t want Democratic politicians to compromise one dollar on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education or environmental regulation.

When the Republicans play chicken with the credit of the United States, want to shut down government, want to kill unemployment funds, and want to stop disaster relief, let them. It’s time the American people know exactly what the game is, that the Republican politicians are pointing guns at them.

Patrick Hunter


I am writing in reference to a Sept. 17 article in the Post Independent regarding the Strawberry Days ICE gang enforcement operation. The article discussed a lawsuit that was filed due to alleged discrepancies in how ICE agents approached and questioned suspects during the gang enforcement operation.

ICE agents, as well as our sheriff’s department, have an obligation to protect the citizens of this community through prevention and detection of gang activity. The actions that ICE, the sheriff’s office and local police departments take make an impact on the number of gangs in this area. As a mother and a member of this community, I sincerely appreciate the importance of their efforts.

I hope that the recent string of lawsuits against our officers will not hinder their efforts to prevent gang activity. Our officers do their best to follow proper protocol, and the ICE agents mentioned in Sept. 17 article have received numerous awards and are highly regarded in their positions due to the dedication shown over many years of service.

I’m not even sure why Mr. Turza was mentioned as a defendant in this suit, since he was out of town during Strawberry Days.

I thank all of the local police and ICE agents who work hard every day to keep this community safe. We as a community don’t thank them enough.

Christy Hamrick


This is an open letter to the readers of the Post Independent, especially those readers and contributors to the Opinions pages.

Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one.

A few letter writers have questioned why the editor publishes Jack E. Blankenship’s letters, just because they disagree with him. Responding only to express disagreement is a waste of editorial space.

I disagree with frequent letter writer Patrick Hunter on any given topic, but he certainly has a right to express his opinions without the editor being questioned why his letters are allowed to be published.

If folks disagree with someone else’s point of view on any given topic, that’s fine. However, in supporting a dissenting opinion, please reference where the information was obtained. Readers and writers are indeed entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

The same goes for the paper’s local guest columnists, Mary Boland, Hal Sundin, James Kellogg and Ross Talbott. The editor has placed time and effort to invite local guest columnists to bring editorial balance in this forum.

I disagree with Ms. Boland but agree with Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Talbott. Even though I disagree with her, Ms. Boland has every right to express her opinions in this forum, as do Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Talbott.

Lastly, if folks grow so weary of any letter writer’s or columnist’s contributions that they just can’t take it any longer, they can always make the choice not to read, if doing so causes anxiety. Freedom of speech is a precious right and belongs to everyone, good, bad or indifferent. Take time to think and reason before writing a dissenting response.

Chris Mecham

Glenwood Springs

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