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Bruno Kirchenwitz has made my list of not reading letters he writes to the editor, with his tirade against Bible thumpers, Sheriff Vallario, TRIDENT and American law.

His answer to this country’s drug problem is to make drugs legal. What drugs do we make legal, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, meth? Read the article in this paper about Chris Blank and his experience with meth. He was grateful he was caught and cleaned his life up.

I had the opportunity to visit Singapore in the 1980s. They had a problem with Oriental gangs and drugs being brought into the country. Their solution was simple; they made it illegal to be a member of a gang. They enforced this law with every ounce of force necessary, and the gangs were history. If you are caught bringing drugs into Singapore you are executed. When you fly into Singapore you are warned before landing that if you are carrying drugs, flush them before landing. There is no trial; harsh but affective.

In spite of what the ACLU says, this country was founded by and its laws based on biblical principals. The vast majority of Americans believe in God. The evidence is written in stone across the front of buildings in Washington and our court houses throughout this country. That is until the minority had them removed because it upsets them.

I am not a Sheriff Vallario fan. I think the armored vehicle would be better off in Texas, where Mexican police chiefs are begging for sanctuary from the drug lords who have brought their war into this country.

We could stop most of the drug traffic and reduce prison inmates by 30 percent by securing our borders.

Bible thumpers of this nation should stand up to people like Bruno, and make their voices heard across this country. It’s time that we who believe in biblical principals make our voices heard, instead of standing by ringing our hands as we watch this country go to hell in a hand basket.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Stan Rachesky careens like a silver ball in some conservative pinball machine, glancing off as many hot-button issues as possible ” Clinton and Obama, Medicare, Social Security, Communists, government participation in health care and the blessed, bell-ringing, high-scorer, the holy grail, the unfailing free market system.

That control of health care needs to be wrest from the control of special interests is clear to most, except Congress who also needs to be wrest from the control of special interests. In a pinball game, this uneven playing field registers as a tilt.

Unfair is how Mr. Rachesky characterizes government-controlled national health care. Fair meaning just “stresses being in accordance with a code of what is legally or ethically right and proper.” Unfair is how they take my taxes to finance the war in Iraq.

It hardly seems right and proper that our economic caste system determines access to life-saving drugs or procedures. You can’t apply for a health care scholarship. You can’t anticipate what will come your way economically or medically; though your position, economically, at birth, is a good indicator of how you will be able to respond.

The current health care system should register a “tilt,” and is a good reason to vote for a Democrat. They at least talk about doing something about it.

Barb Coddington


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