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School resource officers must use their positions to identify immigration violators. Children of illegal aliens are an added burden on our entire system – health care, education, social programs and on down the line. If they are not identified and returned to their native countries, then we taxpayers have to carry the burden and those extra costs.

Being here illegally is not a privilege, it is illegal; it is as illegal as robbing the movie theater in Basalt. We’d want that offender caught, wouldn’t we?

In full disclosure, I’m married to a foreign national. She came here legally and we’re having a child together and will raise that child through legal means and privileges. It cost us a lot to get her here legally.

I understand the circumstances of why many want to come here, but it has to be done legally.

Every single person who lives in the upper valley is being touched somehow daily by what illegals provide through the local labor pool. Shame on them, deep shame to the employers who are using illegal labor, but furthermore and more profoundly it is not a violation of human rights to pursue illegal activity by all legal means.

The SROs are in very unique positions to help ferret out immigration violators and send them back to their native countries. SROs should be strongly encouraged to use all legal means necessary to identify these people and get that burden off us legal, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens. Our taxes specifically help make sure they have the tools to do their job to enforce laws; we cannot be so selective.

Some say it’s OK to give the children of illegals every single benefit that’s afforded my children and even later compete with them in education and jobs with extra considerations because they are a minority? I don’t think so.

Politely and legally enforce our nation’s laws by sending the illegals back to better themselves in their own country, simply because it is illegal to be here, and without using my tax dollars to one-up my children.

JJ Sutton

Grand Junction

I am so happy to see that our town is finally coming out of the Dark Ages and realizing that having chickens in the backyard is an inevitable choice for all of us. It is allowed in so many cities across America, I can’t imagine why a forward-thinking city like ours would not embrace a “green” issue like this. It is such a no-brainer.

When I was a kid, we raised all kinds of birds in Bluff, Utah, and it was the most fun thing I remember doing. Seeing all those little chicks incubating was awesome and made me realize that we had a responsibility for life when we were helping watch temperatures, timing and all the other things that go with it.

I don’t think a small flock of chickens in yards that provide eggs to people who are trying to become more aware of where their food is coming from will harm anyone or the value of our town. In fact, I think it will put our town on the map as one that knows the value of sustainability and local food sources.

We are cut off from major food sources if the canyon was shut down for any extended period of time, so this just helps people feel more independent.

I encourage our city council to do the right thing with this very important issue.

Michelle Ballinger

Glenwood Springs

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