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It seems to me that our local community does not know what is about to hit them. Many people know that there are natural gas leases up the Thompson Divide. People in the community are concerned, but feel powerless, and unclear about what the actual impact will be.

This issue is critical to a way of life that we all share. Our water, our air, our health, our view.

Today is a call to action. All community members concerned about the potential impacts of natural gas drilling in our watershed should come to the Third Street Center at 10 a.m. today to learn what drilling activity is being proposed and what they can do.

Free coffee will be served, bring your own cup.

Katrina Byars


Recent news items in the Post Independent show two facets of the zero tolerance school policy. As practiced, the application of zero tolerance has in some areas been enforced against a series of airplane and gun drawings by a student and a hunting rifle in a pickup in the school parking lot during season.

However, activists want to prevent officers from ferreting out students of illegal parents. They don’t have a legal right to live in the district and so have zero entitlement to enrollment of their children. Activists want 110 percent tolerance for the invaders and zero tolerance for school officers. This puts a burden on taxpayers and doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

The zero tolerance policy as applied to students is a measure made necessary by lawsuits filed by ambulance-chasing trial lawyers anxious to sue a state, school district and administrators. This policy has prevented intelligent decisions by school personnel who know the local circumstances and are perfectly capable of applying their rules.

The logical decision would be to trash the zero tolerance policy and allow school personnel to make decisions about appropriate action, and let officers do their job.

Jack E. Blankeship

Battlement Mesa

The papers are full these days of uprisings around the world, an occupied Wall Street and peaceful protests around the U.S., of citizens taking to the streets and demanding respect as human beings and taking control of their futures.

This Saturday, it’s our chance to take a stand right here in our own valley. Let our voices be heard and take back control of our land, our community and our health.

For too long we’ve let the fossil fuel industry call the shots around here and if we don’t do anything soon, it may be too late. We cannot allow Texas-based drilling company SG Interests a victory over us, giving them control of our land, permission to poison the air we breathe and dump toxins into our groundwater.

That’s why I’m joining the movement to stop lease ‘unitization’ of Thompson Divide and that’s why I’ll be at the rally at 10 a.m. today at the Third Street Center in Carbondale. Those who think this community should get the respect, the clean air and water it deserves are welcome to join us. Make signs and bring friends so we can be heard.

Let’s put the future into our own hands and show the industry and officials that our land and our health are far more important than the profits of the fossil fuel industry. The future depends on clean, smart energy, not perpetuating the financial gains of those who think they are in charge.

Michael Gorman


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