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This letter is for my fellow residents of River Meadows Mobile Home Park, particularly those of us with homes on the riverfront. We are facing the stark reality that not only could we lose our homes, but we could lose the right to ever again live on the riverfront.In the event that our homes were washed away, even having flood insurance would not protect us from a FEMA order making the riverfront off-limits for residential units, as was the case in several districts of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Our interest is the same as that of the park ownership and management: to do everything possible to mitigate the potential effects of a flood. The park, which is working with the city of Glenwood on a flood mitigation plan, has been asking residents to cooperate in clearing a 14-foot path along the riverbank on which to place instruments for flood protection.While some residents have been highly cooperative, others have ignored notices on flood mitigation procedures. For some, the reason for noncompliance may simply be apathy to a dangerous degree; for others, issues like the widely publicized tree cutting may be at the root of a reluctance to comply.Residents along the river have taken great pride in the exterior of their homes, and I greatly admire the effort and aesthetic they have poured into their yards. But the reality is that none of us own the land on which our homes stand. We have chosen to live on this majestic riverbank knowing that our ownership is only partial. Structures that now constitute obstacles to flood mitigation were placed without concern for flood protection.Now the park is making decisions based on expert advice concerning land it owns. We who own homes on park land should do everything possible to protect not only these homes, but our right to live on this riverbank, whose proximity we greatly cherish.Judith King Glenwood Springs

Congress did not “squander” an opportunity for homegrown energy when it upheld a moratorium on oil shale leasing, but instead acted in our best interests. Fast-tracked oil shale threatens my community with the possibility of another “Black Sunday.”Congress wisely placed a moratorium on the commercial development of oil shale until research and development has produced meaningful results. At this point, moving ahead with regulations jeopardizes my neighbors and 2 million acres of public lands. Commercial oil shale would constitute the largest industrial development in the history of Colorado, with enormous implications for us all. No one knows how much water will be needed, how those demands will be met, or how downstream users will be affected. No one knows how our strained infrastructure will absorb the influx of new workers. No one knows how much energy will be needed to process the shale, or where it will come from. No one knows how these technologies will affect wildlife. Industry has the road map and the leases to research their technology for a sustainable and environmentally responsible program. Industry representatives have admitted they’re at least a decade away from the safe exploration of oil shale. Any future creation of regulations should wait until after the research and development process is completed.Living close to what some in Congress call the “Saudi Arabia of oil shale,” I know firsthand the temptation to do something now to lower our gas prices. It is foolish to think oil shale is ready for production today. Without better information about the economic, social and environmental consequences, leaping forward with regulations is unwise. Tara MeixsellNew Castle

Barack Obama is not the answer for president of this great nation. I don’t know how he’s gotten as far as he has with how incredibly unpatriotic he is. Yeah, the whole American flag pin thing, not that big of a deal. But not putting your hand over your heart while the national anthem is being played? Even dopey Hillary knows better. Obama stood there, no hand over his heart. How can we elect a man that doesn’t respect his country? It’s bogus! John McCain definitely would not be my first choice for president, but look at the candidates, and he’s the least of the three evils. Barack Obama is a wicked man, and you’ll be taxed to death and you’ll watch this country go down the tubes all because you want universal health care? It’s ignorant, but most Democrats I know are ignorant. As far as Obama saying to lay off his wife, guess what? It’s an election, expect you and your family to be attacked unmercifully. If you can’t handle it, quit, because there’s not a single thing you can do about it. Michelle Obama is probably just as wicked as he is. If you want to see his disrespect to America, go to any search engine on the Internet and look up “Obama National Anthem Video,” and you’ll see why we can’t elect this man to be our commander in chief.Jason WhitcombNew Castle

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