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Is anybody willing to have Holy Cross Energy put in here in Carbondale? I know they are in parts of Carbondale, but not in the south end. Why not? Can anyone enlighten me?

Xcel Energy has raised rates until they have become unaffordable. Why can’t Holy Cross furnish electricity for all of Carbondale?

Jane Spaulding


I’m compelled once again to address Ross Talbott’s most recent views from his Sept. 27 column. My guess is that if the scientific community were to come out tomorrow in support of biblical fantasy, there would be no argument from him as to that group’s sudden legitimacy.

Science: Yes, we’ve concluded that the Earth is, in fact, 6,000 calendar years old. Yes, evolution is a hoax perpetrated by our loving father as a test to see who gets to go to heaven based on their blind faith and willingness to disregard all logic.

Furthermore, we’ve proven that our loving father created the devil as his way of tempting us so that he may then forsake those of us who succumb and then further ruin their day by sending them off to hell (newly proven to be 55,868 degrees Fahrenheit year round, its landscape studded with what we believe to be cactus).

I could go on.

The point is, in virtually every area of our lives, we require a certain threshold of evidence in order to conclude that “yes, this is so.” Haven’t we evolved to the extent that we understand that clinging to dogmatic religious thinking, and implying that those who believe otherwise are somehow cursed, doesn’t bring us together, but rather pulls us apart?

Mr. Talbott concludes with the goosebump-inducing warning (cue the foreboding organ music): “Can you afford to be wrong?” To that, I say, he can keep his crazy, neurotic God. I’ll stick with my loving, forgiving one. For eternity.

Erik MacPherson

Glenwood Springs

Voters are going to have many choices in the upcoming November election. One of the choices on the local ballot will be the opportunity to choose a Colorado Mountain College trustee from District 6.

I am a former teacher at Glenwood Springs Elementary School, and I encourage a vote for Pat Chlouber.

Pat is a 35-year resident of the Colorado Mountain College district. She exemplifies education at its finest. She taught in Leadville and gave of her time to serve on Leadville’s school board.

After retiring from the classroom, she continued to keep her finger on the pulse of education by serving on the State Board of Education in Colorado and then as the representative for Region 8 for the U.S. Department of Education. During that time, she served as a liaison for community outreach and as an advisor to state and local policy makers. She is currently serving on the Colorado Charter School Institute Board of Directors.

I’m asking voters to support and vote for Pat Chlouber, as the District 6 Colorado Mountain College trustee because of her knowledge, her vision for education, her leadership qualities and because she is the right person to support the continued success of Colorado Mountain College.

Sher Kerschen

Highlands Ranch

Many individuals in our community devote countless hours to various charitable, governmental and community entities for the benefit of us, our families and others. We have been privileged over the years to know a great number of individuals who have served the RE-1 School District in varied capacities.

Over the last four years, Myles Rovig has been a diligent member of the school board, with a personal passion to place “Kids First.” His concern has been that each child’s individual needs are met and that the organizational structure is in place to accomplish that goal.

As board secretary-treasurer, Myles Rovig has used his business experience and background to ensure that the good business practices and stewardship of the RE-1 District resources continues. He has served as the board’s legislative liaison with the Colorado Association of School Boards. In addition, he is the district’s board member on the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).

Myles champions the district’s creative and innovative programs with a focus on preventing dropouts and increasing graduate rates by engaging each student and making them successful. I appreciate Myles’s integrity, character and his courage to stand up for his beliefs. I would encourage our community members to support Myles Rovig in a second term as RE-1 School Board member.

Sharon Wall

Glenwood Springs

Politicians on TV make all the noise, but our local electeds do all the work. One of those quiet pillars of our community is Myles Rovig, school board member and secretary-treasurer of the Roaring Fork School Board.

I’ve known Myles for a couple of decades. You cannot meet a finer man: masters in education, former teacher, owner of a small post-secondary school, exemplary father, businessman, Rotarian, good friend… and the last four years on the school board.

He was elected in 2007 as we were hurtling toward the cliff. But his focus on Kids First, living within our means, working with kids at risk and CMC vocational training, and treating teachers as assets all helped our schools get through this.

As we’ve seen time and again in the last decade, elections really do matter. With limited resources and a wide array of challenges to our schools and kids, RE-1 has no better leader than Myles Rovig on the school board.

Steven Shute

Glenwood Springs

On behalf of the parents’ group at Basalt Elementary, we are urging a yes vote on 3E this Election Day.

In our efforts to contribute to the school, we have seen our roles change from supporting the teachers with our time to raising funds for basic supplies. The schools have worked endlessly to eliminate waste, but right now we are literally selling popsicles for pencils.

This isn’t about three-day field trips. This is about paper to write on and disinfectant so the kids can clean their own desks (janitorial staff has been already cut).

For a mere $60 per $100,000 of property value, you can make a big difference in the local schools, which in turn affects our community, real estate values and these kids’ lives. With shrinking property values, our tax bills have drastically diminished. Please consider putting a portion of that back into our schools.

Education (which has cost) is the most important thing we can provide our children. Please vote yes on 3E.

Andrea Michelson and Sara O’Connor


In response to the idiotic decision by the Basalt Trustees to place a fee on plastic bags under the guise of saving the planet, I offer this from the late, great George Carlin:

“The Earth’s been here for 4 1⁄2 billion years and it’s been through many things worse than us. Earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, sunspots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles. Hundreds of thousands of years of being bombarded by comets and asteroids and meteors. Worldwide floods, tidal waves, fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages – and we think some plastic bags are going to make a difference?”

I suggest the trustees who voted for this tax go to YouTube and search “George Carlin Climate Change.” Their heads will explode (Caution: George’s language is very colorful). And I suggest the Aspen City Council and Carbondale Trustees do the same.

Plastic bags will kill the planet? Really?

Peter Jaycox


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