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The Board of Directors of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association applauds Glenwood Springs City Council for unanimously passing an ordinance on Oct. 6 that will allow for the construction of a new library facility and parking structure in downtown Glenwood Springs.

The ordinance allows for the transfer of property at Eighth and Cooper to the Garfield County Public Library District and commits the city to contribute to the cost for a new shared library facility. The shared structure will include much-needed underground parking for Colorado Mountain College (CMC) and allow for joint use between the city and Garfield County Public Library District of a 14,000 square-foot building, which will bring new life and energy to historic downtown.

The Downtown Development Authority has been working on this project for several years. Along with the city, CMC and the Library District should also be commended for their diligence and work in the public interest.

Nobody understands partnerships better than the business community the chamber represents. Proactive leadership like this will certainly lead to a stronger, more vibrant downtown and a healthier economy for all.

Michael McCallum, chairman

Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association

Taxpayers, formerly known as citizens, are being asked to vote themselves an increase in taxes on their dwindling resources. To this I say: “We’re taxed enough already.”

The state of Colorado wants to increase state income tax by 8 percent and state sales tax by 3.4 percent to raise $3 billion of additional revenue for education. The Re-1 School District seeks to have property owners forgo a 30 percent decrease in property taxes, resulting from the dramatic decrease in property values, to raise $4.8 million dollars for education.

We hear arguments that these tax increases are: For the kids, or our children are our future, or to show appreciation for our hard-working teachers, or because we value teachers, or because it will keep top-notch teachers, or to make an investment in our future, or that teachers deserve more pay because they have earned bachelor’s or advanced degrees, or to ensure the security of our schools.

Throwing more money at education is not the answer to resolving its problems and we should not be asked to be taxed more because we’re taxed enough already.

Cumulatively, counting federal and state income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, automobile licensing taxes, just to name a few, approximately 25 percent of our retirement income goes to taxes, and many others pay much higher percentages.

For those still working, add another 7.65 percent in FICA taxes (15.3 percent if you are self-employed), unless, of course, you are a teacher, because teachers are exempt from FICA taxes. So, when asked why I am not supporting Proposition 103 and local question 3E, my reply is: “We’re taxed enough already.”

The Associated Press reported that the Western Slope economy is currently in recession with a 10.1 percent unemployment rate. Garfield County has announced that it is preparing for a second recession in 2012 and is preparing its budget accordingly. In the midst of a recessionary economy, it is certainly no time to raise taxes since “We’re taxed enough already.”

Vote no on Proposition 103 and 3E because, surely, “We’re taxed enough already.”

Leon Garot

Glenwood Springs

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